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Lawrence, Kansas Police Department
Media Release
June 14, 2012

U.S. Department of Justice

Federal Bureau of Investigation

1300 Summit

Kansas City, Missouri 64105

May 27, 2012

Dear Fellow Law Enforcement Executives:

Presently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) offers two national level Law Enforcement Executive Development programs: (1) National Executive Institute (NEI), and (2) Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar (LEEDS). Both programs are conducted at the FBI Academy by the same high quality instructors who also teach the FBI’s National Academy program.

The attendees at these programs are selected, in part, based on the number of sworn personnel in the agency. For example, to attend NEI, the Chief Executive must head an agency with a minimum of 500 sworn personnel, and to attend LEEDS, the executive must head a department of no less than 50 sworn personnel. Obviously, this leaves a critical gap in training opportunities for managers of departments which comprise the great majority of departments in the United States, i.e., those having an average number of sworn personnel between 10 and 50 law enforcement officers. It is apparent that even though your department may be relatively small, the demands on personnel and logistical resources, as well as management skills are becoming more complex and difficult to meet.

Community expectations are increasing even though the trend is toward diminished budgets. Population demographics over the next several decades will radically alter the way your department measures its needs and meets its responsibilities to the community being serviced. These, and a host of other law enforcement-related issues, need to be confronted if we are to be effective and efficient in the discharge of our responsibilities. In brief, well managed departments, regardless of their size, led by executives who avail themselves of the most current information are essential in today’s climate.

To address this training need, the FBI is planning to conduct its 22nd annual Central States Law Enforcement Executive Development Seminar (CSLEEDS) on September 23-28, 2012. This training will be a unique opportunity for chief executives who are selected to attend. The target audience is primarily chiefs and sheriffs of departments with 10 to 50 sworn personnel. However, department size will not be a totally controlling factor. Slightly smaller or larger department will also be considered. 2

Prior seminars have been overwhelming successes, and all attendees were unanimous in their praise of the quality of the instruction, the facilities, and the hospitality extended to them. The Lawrence, Kansas Police Department and the University of Kansas Department of Public Safety, through the leadership of Chief Tarik Khatib and Chief Ralph Oliver, respectively, have again graciously agreed to co-host this executive training opportunity. The FBI is deeply indebted to these two very fine departments for their assistance in this training endeavor.

An application to attend the 22nd CSLEEDS seminar is enclosed with this letter, which will be circulated primarily throughout Kansas and Missouri. Several spaces in this years’ class will be allocated to surrounding states so as to enhance the regional concept of this training. Only 35 law enforcement executives will be invited to attend the 22nd annual CSLEEDS. The class size is limited to this number due to instructional consideration which requires close interpersonal dialogue and class involvement between the instructors and attendees.

Subjects under consideration for presentation during CSLEEDS are:

(1) Civil Liability for Law Enforcement Executives;

(2) Building a Positive Work Organization in a Negative Environment;

(3) Policing in the 21stCentury;

(4) Team Building and Interpersonal Excellence;

(5) Crisis Management;

(6) Ethics;

(7) Executive Decision Making; and

(8) Media Training for Law Enforcement Executives

The instructor cadre will consist primarily of FBI Academy staff. Additionally, other instructors who have topical expertise in certain subjects will also be available to make specific presentations.

The establishment of CSLEEDS within the central region of the United States will fulfill the FBI’s goal of broadening the availability of quality executive training to a select target audience that is not covered by other existing programs. The Kansas City Division strongly solicits your support in this endeavor. It should be noted that graduates of CSLEEDS become members of LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association), with the first year of membership in LEEDA paid by CSLEEDS. LEEDA is a group which meets annually at the FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia, for additional training.3

Enclosed is an application, a tentative course syllabus and an administrative information sheet. If you have an existing resume you may submit it along with your application. Please indicate how many times you have submitted an application to CSLEEDS.

To allow for an orderly administrative progression, we are asking that your application be returned no later than July 08, 2012. Please return application to the following address:

FBI – Kansas City

ATTN: Tricia Gentry

1300 Summit

Kansas City, MO 64105-1362

If, after reading the enclosed material, you have any questions, please contact me at (816) 512-8825 or my assistant, Tricia Gentry, at (816) 512-8827 or tricia.Gentry@ic.fbi.gov.

I hope to see you in September.


Special Agent David D. Burlew

Police Training Coordinator




Prepared by Captain Mike Pattrick, Lawrence Police Department, (785) 830-7400