Work Zone Safety

(Lawrence, Kan.) – Construction season is gearing up in Lawrence. In order to protect everyone involved in a work zone, including construction workers, pedestrians and motorists, it is critically important for everyone to pay attention and follow certain ‘rules of the road’ for work zones. Ignoring work zones safety can result in injury or death.

Pedestrians– It is not recommended to walk in a work zone. Work zones are dangerous for pedestrians due to the heavy equipment and construction materials in use. Often times, there are open trenches where construction activity is taking place. Do not ignore ‘no trespassing’ signs or ‘sidewalk closed’ signs – the signage is put in place for your safety.

Motorists– Work zones are easily recognizable by the signage in place prior to entering a work zone. Motorists should always slow down in work zones. Often times, traffic violations can have increased penalties for driving above the posted speed in work zones. Obey all traffic signage and be aware of vehicles around you, including merging vehicles or motorists travelling in opposite lanes.

The Lawrence Police Department will occasionally patrol work zones which include pedestrian or bicycle traffic. City Code states that no person shall walk upon, drive or ride over or across any pavement in course of construction before the same has been opened for public travel or upon any uncompleted grading or sidewalk construction which has not been opened for travel. 

“Construction season is busy and we are well-aware that construction means slower traffic and a little extra time for people to get where you are going,” said Mark Thiel, assistant public works director. “However, our goal is for each construction project to finish on-time and with no injuries – to workers or the general public.”

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