Parking Control

Parking Control has 5 full-time Parking Control Officers and one full-time meter maintenance employee.

Parking Control operates from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, excluding city holidays.

Operators of vehicles displaying authorized handicap placards/tags are not required to pay meters.

There are 1508 meters in the downtown area.

There are 7 two-hour free parking lots downtown.

There are 10 metered parking lots with 2-hour meters, 5-hour meters, and 10-hour meters.

There is one parking garage at the Riverfront Mall. The upper level is two-hour free parking. The lower level is one dollar a day if you remain in your parking space for that day. Pay stations are located at each end of the lower level. Employees who work at the mall are required to park on the lower level.

Additional parking is available in the four-level parking garage located in the 900 block of New Hampshire. Two levels are paid parking and two levels are two-hour free parking. This facility provides over 500 parking spaces.

A yearly City pass for the Riverfront Mall, 900 block of New Hampshire Parking Garage or any 10-hour meter can be purchased from the Water Department Office at City Hall or Municipal Court for $192 a year. Additionally, a quarterly parking pass is also sold at the same locations for $50 per quarter.

Two-hour meters are mounted on brown poles. Five-hour meters are on green poles and ten-hour meters are on black poles. All non-standard decorative black posts, and all meters mounted on light posts, indicate zones and rates as marked. Citations for overtime parking are $3. If you fail to pay the $3 overtime parking ticket within 10 days, the fine will be $15. If you receive five or more overtime parking citations within a period of the previous thirty (30) consecutive days, you can receive a Habitual Violator citation. Habitual Violator citations are $50. Citations can be issued every two hours if there is no payment to the meter or pay station. If you fail to move your vehicle completely from the two-hour free parking lot, you can be cited every two hours.

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