NRO Rob Neff


My name is Rob Neff and I am a 20 year veteran of the Lawrence Police Department. In 2010, I was assigned to the Community Services division as a Neighborhood Resource Officer. The Neighborhood Resource Officer is the Lawrence version of Community Policing. Traditional policing is a call driven system and a reaction to criminal events. Neighborhood Resource Officers and Community Policing is a positive and proactive form of policing that gets the officers involved with the community prior to any criminal calls. I enjoy talking and interacting with the public so the Neighborhood Resource Office was a good fit for me.

The Neighborhood Resource Officer also acts as a liaison between the Lawrence Police Department, the community, and a variety of city agencies. We assist with public education, crime prevention, and help with coordination of other city services and departments to ensure a professional response to the citizens of Lawrence. We work with citizens, civic groups, schools, and property owners in organizing and evaluating effective crime prevention programs. As a Neighborhood Resource Officer, I assist neighborhoods with issues and concerns that are ongoing or simply demand more attention, investigative work or time than can be reasonably allotted during the course of a routine patrol call.

About me:

I grew up in Lawrence and graduated from Lawrence High School in 1986. I attended the University of Kansas and graduated in 1990 with a degree in Atmospheric Science. (Don’t ask why; it’s long and complicated.)  In 1989, the citizens of Lawrence voted to increase the sales tax by a half percent to hire additional police officers for the city. I was hired by the Lawrence Police Department in January of 1991 with the first class of officers hired with the tax increase. Our class, the 11th basic, was the largest class of officers ever hired by the Lawrence Police Department.

For my first 19 years, I worked exclusively on patrol and most of that was spent on midnights or evenings. In the early 90’s, evening shift was a ten hour shift with an overlap of two hours into the midnight shift. Because it was a ten hour shift, we only worked four days a week and it was popular shift with the young officers.  

One of my favorite jobs at the police department is training. I enjoy working with young officers and teaching them real world police tactics. Starting in 1995, I began teaching car stops to all of our new officers. That same year, I also became a Field Training Officer (FTO). Since that time, I have instructed dozens of new officers in the classroom and in the field. I know our time as officers at the Lawrence Police Department is limited and my goal is to train quality officers to replace those retiring from the department after their many years of service.


I have been married for over 20 years and I have four children ranging in age from high school down to grade school. Baseball rules our house much of the year and I spend six nights a week at the ballpark. Look for me when you are out playing ball with your kids.