Accidents - Mapped

0 Accidents were reported to the Lawrence Kansas Police Department during the last two months.

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This map shows the location of all accidents reported to the Lawrence Kansas Police Department during the last two months. The number on the markers represents the number of times an accident happened at that location. Click on a marker and a listing of the accidents for that location will be displayed.

The listing may contain a link to our free accident report service. Click on the link and you will be able to obtain a free copy of the public pages of your accident.

LKPD officers write numerous accident reports every day. After their reports have been reviewed and approved by a supervisor,  they are then placed in our Digital Imaging system, submitted to the Kansas Department of Transportation, and then disseminated to our free accident report service.  This process takes approximately four to five business days. Those accidents that are still in the process are listed, but do not have a link provided. Please be patient.

Some of the addresses entered into a report are not resolved to their GPS coordinates. There is a red marker located in the Kansas River east of city hall. That marker will list those accidents we were unable to associate with a place on the map.

If you still cannot find your accident please examine the full text listing of the accidents by clicking on the link below. If you still cannot find your report, please call the Lawrence Police Departments Records Division at (785)832-7501.

The information for this map comes directly from the LKPD and is updated daily. 

A full listing of the mapped accidents can be found here.