4th of July Safety

A Joint Public Safety Message

From Your Douglas County Emergency Response Agencies

The Lawrence Police Department, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, and Lawrence Douglas County Fire Medical hope you and your family will enjoy a safe and happy 4th of July holiday.  Please remember that fireworks are prohibited within the City limits.  There are a few novelty items that are allowed in Lawrence, and you can find a list on the City of Lawrence website at www.lawrenceks.org.  There are areas within the unincorporated areas of Douglas County that fireworks are allowed during specific hours.  Please check the County Ordinances for the details at www.douglas-county.com and note that BOTTLE ROCKETS ARE BANNED throughout the county.  You can help prevent injuries by following a few simple safety rules; be sure you are in an open area away from buildings and people, wet down the area, always have a hose or significant water supply ready in case of misfire, and be sure to extinguish spent fireworks and novelties in a bucket of water.  If injuries occur, please seek medical help immediately.  Eye injuries should be shielded with a cup, but do not flush the eye with water or rub it.  If there is a burn to the skin, run cool, not cold, water over the area.  Do not treat burns with ice.  Take the injured person to the hospital immediately, or, in more serious situations, call 911. For more information on fire and medical safety, log onto www.lawrenceks.org/fire_medical.