2 months LKPD Accidents

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193 Accidents were reported in Lawrence, Kansas, during the last two months.

If a report has been completed, a hyperlink is provided with the case number. Click on the case number and you will be taken directly to a page where you can download a free report of the accident.

Issued DateCase NumberLocationReporting Officersort icon
2017-09-1902-17-070141600 6thWold, Jimmy TC
2017-09-2002-17-0703493201 IOWAWold, Jimmy TC
2017-10-0402-17-073605MCDONALD AT N 2ND STWold, Jimmy TC
2017-10-0802-17-074691W 6TH AT WAKARUSA DRWold, Jimmy TC
2017-09-1902-17-070079MASSACHUSETTS AT E 17TH STWiltz, Kacey L
2017-09-2202-17-070812N 7TH AT WALNUT STWiltz, Kacey L
2017-09-2502-17-071440MAPLE AT E 19TH STWiltz, Kacey L
2017-10-0302-17-073442NAISMITH AT W 21ST STWiltz, Kacey L
2017-10-0602-17-074080VERMONT AT 11TH STWiltz, Kacey L
2017-10-0602-17-074186MASSACHUSETTS AT E 19TH STWiltz, Kacey L
2017-10-0802-17-074613E 23RD AT HASKELL AVEWiltz, Kacey L
2017-10-1002-17-075093TENNESSEE AT 14TH STWiltz, Kacey L
2017-10-1002-17-075113TENNESSEE AT W 13TH STWiltz, Kacey L
2017-10-1102-17-075370TENNESSEE AT W 22ND STWiltz, Kacey L
2017-10-0302-17-073510CROSSGATE AT CLINTON PKWilliams, David S
2017-09-2502-17-071545W 19TH AT TENNESSEE STWilliams, Bradley J
2017-10-0402-17-073721W 9TH AT AVALON RDWilliams, Bradley J
2017-10-0402-17-073736WAKARUSA AT DOLE DRWilliams, Bradley J
2017-10-0602-17-0742202907 6TH STWilliams, Bradley J
2017-10-0902-17-074896E 23RD AT HARPER STWilliams, Bradley J
2017-09-2002-17-070245W 27TH AT RIDGE CTWeems, Mark
2017-10-0302-17-073410CLINTON AT CROSSGATE DRTubbs, Charles
2017-10-0902-17-0748032100 29TH TERTubbs, Charles
2017-09-2702-17-071881CROSSGATE AT BRUSHCREEK DRTrowbridge, Justin Tyler
2017-10-0902-17-074772MAPLE AT 19TH STTrowbridge, Justin Tyler
2017-10-0902-17-074776E 23RD AT HARPER STTrowbridge, Justin Tyler
2017-09-2902-17-072626W 9TH AT CRAWFORD DRTheis, Joseph M
2017-10-0602-17-074027400 GREYSTONETheis, Joseph M
2017-09-2702-17-072004W 2ND AT WISCONSIN STSutton, Sarina H
2017-09-3002-17-072764W 23RD AT LOUISIANA STSutton, Sarina H
2017-10-1302-17-075794WAKARUSA AT CLINTON PKWYSutton, Sarina H
2017-09-2502-17-0715582200 26TH STStegall, Micah
2017-09-2902-17-072479NIEDER AT 33RD STSpurling, Kresten
2017-09-2002-17-070248600 6thSloan, Dominique Finis
2017-09-2902-17-072426MONTEREY AT 13TH STSloan, Dominique Finis
2017-10-0602-17-074210E 19TH AT MAPLE LNShanks, Michael
2017-10-0602-17-074257711 NEW HAMPSHIRE STShanks, Michael
2017-10-1602-17-076427W 23RD AT OUSDAHL RDShanks, Michael
2017-10-0702-17-0744653000 2NDSchneider, Brett A
2017-10-0702-17-0744723300 31ST STSchneider, Brett A
2017-10-1302-17-0758662700 2NDSchneider, Brett A
2017-10-0302-17-073372PARKING LOT AT CITY OF LAWRENCERussell, Tracy A
2017-10-0302-17-073468W 6TH AT SCHWARZ RDRussell, Tracy A
2017-10-0402-17-0736771700 2NDRussell, Tracy A
2017-10-0402-17-0736932200 2NDRussell, Tracy A
2017-10-0502-17-073961W 7TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STRussell, Tracy A
2017-10-1202-17-075583W 6TH AT FOLKS RDRussell, Tracy A
2017-10-1202-17-075615WAKARUSA AT HARVARD RDRussell, Tracy A
2017-10-1702-17-0767461112 6TH STRussell, Tracy A
2017-09-2802-17-072157TENNESSEE AT W 19TH STRodgers, Kenneth L
2017-09-3002-17-072768BISHOP AT PRAIRIE TERRodgers, Kenneth L
2017-10-0502-17-073839E 23RD AT HASKELL AVERodgers, Kenneth L
2017-10-0602-17-0740511918 PARKING LOTRodgers, Kenneth L
2017-10-0602-17-074143MASSACHUSETTS AT E 14TH STRodgers, Kenneth L
2017-10-1202-17-075565MASSACHUSETTS AT NORTH PARK STRodgers, Kenneth L
2017-10-1302-17-075743E 23RD AT SILICON AVERodgers, Kenneth L
2017-10-0202-17-073401OVERLAND AT WAKARUSA DRRobinson, Ryan C
2017-09-2202-17-0708241015 NAISMITH DRRoberts, Matthew C
2017-10-0502-17-073948TENNESSEE AT W 14TH STRoberts, Matthew C
2017-10-1202-17-075586W 23RD AT ALABAMA STRoberts, Matthew C
2017-10-1802-17-076886E 23RD AT HASKELL AVERoberts, Matthew C
2017-10-0302-17-073502OVERLAND AT WAKARUSA DRRichardson, Skyler
2017-10-0402-17-073682WAKARUSA AT CLINTON PKWYRichardson, Skyler
2017-09-2102-17-070499W 7TH AT OHIO STReed, Blake Andrew
2017-09-2402-17-0712714020 6TH STReed, Blake Andrew
2017-09-3002-17-072749KENTUCKY AT W 13TH STReed, Blake Andrew
2017-10-0702-17-074409KENTUCKY AT W 9TH STReed, Blake Andrew
2017-09-2602-17-071749U059 AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYRamsdell, Stephen
2017-10-0102-17-0730252ND AT W 25TH STRamsdell, Stephen
2017-10-1702-17-076657GREENBRIER AT CROSSGATE DRRamsdell, Stephen
2017-10-1702-17-0766822540 IOWA STRamsdell, Stephen
2017-10-0802-17-074663NATALIE AT W 26TH STPence, Kelsey M
2017-10-1002-17-075134UNKNOWN ATPence, Kelsey M
2017-10-1702-17-076765HARVARD AT GOLDFIELD STPence, Kelsey M
2017-10-1002-17-075080OAKHILL AT PROSPECT AVEPalen, Daniel T
2017-09-2802-17-072267N 2ND AT NORTH STPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2017-10-0502-17-07385823RD AT O'CONNELL RDOrrick, Patrick
2017-10-1802-17-076901ILLINOIS AT W 2ND STOrrick, Patrick
2017-09-2402-17-071126KENTUCKY AT W 13TH STNorton, Rustin C
2017-09-2302-17-070923400 23RDNichols, Richard D
2017-10-0602-17-074226GEORGE WILLIAMS AT ROCK CHALK DRNichols, Richard D
2017-10-1402-17-0761431200 U040Nichols, Richard D
2017-10-1702-17-0767589TH AT HIGHLAND DRNichols, Richard D
2017-09-2102-17-070542LOUISIANA AT W 23RD STMorgan, Andrew T
2017-10-1202-17-075489MCDONALD AT W 2ND STMorgan, Andrew T
2017-09-2102-17-0705492300 LOUISIANA STMcNemee, Matthew
2017-10-1602-17-076465W 19TH AT OUSDAHL RDMcNemee, Matthew
2017-10-0502-17-073760E 23RD AT HASKELL AVEMcCann, Ian C
2017-09-2302-17-071066TENNESSEE ST AT W 14TH STMartin, Eric B
2017-09-1902-17-070083U059 AT U040 HWYMarcinko, David P
2017-09-1902-17-070091U040 AT FOLKS RDMarcinko, David P
2017-09-2002-17-070247W 11TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STMarcinko, David P
2017-09-2602-17-071637CLINTON AT CROSSGATE DRMarcinko, David P
2017-10-0502-17-073837KENTUCKY AT U040 HWYMarcinko, David P
2017-10-0502-17-073874N 3RD AT NORTH STMarcinko, David P
2017-10-0602-17-074123NEW HAMPSHIRE AT E 8TH STMarcinko, David P
2017-10-1002-17-075071W 11TH AT OHIO STMarcinko, David P
2017-10-1302-17-075753W 9TH AT INDIANA STMarcinko, David P
2017-09-2102-17-070496LOUISIANA AT W 23RD STLister, Dustin M
2017-09-2902-17-072523MASSACHUSETTS AT W 19TH STLister, Dustin M
2017-09-3002-17-072738MASSACHUSETTS AT W 7TH STLister, Dustin M
2017-10-0502-17-073894W 20TH AT NAISMITH RDLister, Dustin M
2017-10-0602-17-074139W 23RD AT LOUISIANA STLister, Dustin M
2017-10-0602-17-0741921015 PARKING LOTLister, Dustin M
2017-09-1902-17-070038E 15TH AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STLindsay, Larry
2017-09-2402-17-071216W 14TH AT OHIO STLindsay, Larry
2017-10-0302-17-073369VERMONT AT E 17TH STLindsay, Larry
2017-09-0802-17-074585W 23RD AT NAISMITH DRLindsay, Larry
2017-10-1702-17-076715200 23RDLindsay, Larry
2017-09-2302-17-071046MASSACHUSETTS AT 13TH STKemppainen, Dean M
2017-10-0702-17-074308ONEIDA AT BARKER AVEKemppainen, Dean M
2017-09-2202-17-070733TENNESSEE AT W 14TH STJohnson, Brad
2017-09-2202-17-070789U059 AT W 27TH STJohnson, Brad
2017-09-2802-17-072254TRAFFICWAY AT W 31ST STJohnson, Brad
2017-09-2802-17-072282CARMEL AT TROON LNJohnson, Brad
2017-09-3002-17-072748U059 AT W 23RD STJohnson, Brad
2017-10-0502-17-073888WAKARUSA AT W 18TH STJohnson, Brad
2017-09-1902-17-070021HASKELL AT HASKELL AVEIvener, Ron
2017-09-2702-17-0718712300 23RDIvener, Ron
2017-09-2002-17-070388W 9TH AT LOUISIANA STHicks, Donald B
2017-10-0402-17-073718OHIO AT W 14TH STHarrell, Colby J
2017-10-0702-17-074432E 23RD AT HASKELL AVEHarrell, Colby J
2017-10-1402-17-076140600 19THHarrell, Colby J
2017-10-1602-17-076565MASSACHUSETTS AT W 13TH STHarrell, Colby J
2017-10-0402-17-073690W 23RD AT LOUISIANA STHaney, Tyler J
2017-10-0402-17-073728100 23RD WHaney, Tyler J
2017-09-2102-17-0705391301 24TH STHaig, Nathaniel J
2017-09-3002-17-072776W 23RD AT VERMONT STHaig, Nathaniel J
2017-10-0702-17-074382MASSACHUSETTS AT W 17TH STHaig, Nathaniel J
2017-10-1202-17-075570E 23RD AT ST. JAMES CTHaig, Nathaniel J
2017-10-1302-17-075777W 23RD AT LOUISIANA STHaig, Nathaniel J
2017-09-3002-17-0728442800 2NDHachmeister, Aaron
2017-09-1902-17-070137W 23RD AT U059 HWYGuile, Joshua
2017-09-2602-17-071677PARKING LOT AT CLINTON PKWYGuile, Joshua
2017-10-0202-17-07306623RD AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYGardner, Jonathan M
2017-10-0302-17-073459W 6TH AT ROCKLEDGE RDGardner, Jonathan M
2017-09-2802-17-072159W 6TH AT BLUFFS DRFry, Brad O.
2017-10-0602-17-0741412ND AT W 9TH STFry, Brad O.
2017-10-1102-17-075291E 19TH AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STFry, Brad O.
2017-10-1202-17-075483K010 AT U040 HWYFry, Brad O.
2017-10-1202-17-075515W 6TH AT MONTEREY WAYFry, Brad O.
2017-10-1702-17-076751PINECONE AT HASKELL AVEFry, Brad O.
2017-09-2302-17-0710241343 REGENCY PLFroese, Timothy
2017-09-2702-17-0719545121 CONGRESSIONAL CIRFroese, Timothy
2017-09-2702-17-072024550 CONGRESSIONAL DRFroese, Timothy
2017-09-2802-17-0722801414 6thFroese, Timothy
2017-10-0702-17-073460W 6TH AT CRESTLINE DRFroese, Timothy
2017-10-0402-17-073683PRINCETON AT MCDONALD DRFroese, Timothy
2017-10-1102-17-075302CLINTON AT U040 HWYFroese, Timothy
2017-10-1302-17-075817UNIVERSITY AT ENGEL RDFroese, Timothy
2017-09-3002-17-072818711 WALNUT STFrazier, Shelby P
2017-10-0702-17-074477W 9TH AT TENNESSEE STFrazier, Shelby P
2017-10-1502-17-076339711 23RD STFrazier, Shelby P
2017-10-1702-17-076800MASSACHUSETTS AT W 19TH STFrazier, Shelby P
2017-09-2402-17-071293WAKARUSA AT U040 HWYFraser, Chase R
2017-09-3002-17-072821INDIANA AT W 12 STEgidy, Robert
2017-10-0102-17-07286613 AT KENTUCKY STEgidy, Robert
2017-10-1202-17-075616TENNESSEE AT W 19 STEgidy, Robert
2017-10-1402-17-07616112 AT TENNESSEE STEgidy, Robert
2017-10-1502-17-076347CLINTON E AT CRESTLINE DRDunn, Narissa A
2017-10-0802-17-074651LOUISIANA AT W 17TH STCrellin, Sean M
2017-10-1102-17-075286TENNESSEE AT W 11 STCrellin, Sean M
2017-09-2602-17-071659W 6TH AT MONTEREY WAYCorder, L
2017-10-0902-17-074771KASOLD AT HARVARD RDCorder, L
2017-10-1002-17-075095W 6TH AT FOLKS RDCorder, L
2017-09-2102-17-070500IOWA (US59) AT UNIVERSITY DRCollado, Amaury Manuel
2017-09-2402-17-071252W 10TH AT KENTUCKY STCollado, Amaury Manuel
2017-09-3002-17-0727474900 6TH STCollado, Amaury Manuel
2017-09-1902-17-070132CLINTON AT HARTFORD AVECervantez, Anthony E
2017-09-2502-17-071432U059 AT W 25TH STCervantez, Anthony E
2017-09-2702-17-071988U059 AT K010 HWYCervantez, Anthony E
2017-10-0302-17-073390NAISMITH AT W 22ND STCervantez, Anthony E
2017-10-0302-17-0734461917 NAISMITH DRCervantez, Anthony E
2017-10-0402-17-073714W 6TH AT WAKARUSA DRCervantez, Anthony E
2017-10-1102-17-0752474301 PARKING LOTCervantez, Anthony E
2017-10-1102-17-0752972ND AT W 19TH STCervantez, Anthony E
2017-10-1102-17-075346CLINTON AT CRESTLINE DRCervantez, Anthony E
2017-10-0502-17-073840W 6TH AT ROCKLEDGE RDCasagrande, Vincent
2017-10-1102-17-075232W 6TH AT ROCKLEDGE RDCasagrande, Vincent
2017-10-0802-17-0746472ND AT MICHIGAN STBradford
2017-10-0902-17-074902W 23RD AT LOUISIANA STBradford
2017-10-0702-17-074398STONERIDGE AT OVERLAND DRBialek, John J
2017-10-1502-17-076293W 10TH AT LAKECREST DRBialek, John J
2017-09-2102-17-070546W 9TH AT MISSOURI STBarta, Jon D
2017-10-0402-17-073644W 12TH AT LOUISIANA STBarta, Jon D
2017-09-2802-17-07220213TH AT KENTUCKY STBarkley, Eric
2017-09-2802-17-07222412TH AT INDIANA STBarkley, Eric
2017-09-2902-17-07254823RD AT NAISMITH DRBarkley, Eric
2017-10-1202-17-075571NEW HAMPSHIRE AT 8TH STBarkley, Eric
2017-10-1202-17-075577HARVARD AT MULBERRY DRBarkley, Eric
2017-10-1302-17-0757749TH AT TENNESSEE STBarkley, Eric
2017-10-1102-17-0754053201 6TH STAnglin, Sutagee JC