2 months LKPD Accidents

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55 Accidents were reported in Lawrence, Kansas, during the last two months.

If a report has been completed, a hyperlink is provided with the case number. Click on the case number and you will be taken directly to a page where you can download a free report of the accident.

Issued DateCase NumberLocationsort iconReporting Officer
2014-08-0702-14-079169WAKARUSA AT U040 HWYFry, Brad O.
2014-08-0402-14-071654W 9TH AT TENNESSEE STWech, Chris
2014-08-0902-14-079814W 9TH AT INDIANA STPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2014-08-0302-14-071648W 31ST AT LAWRENCE AVEHeafey, Robert T
2014-08-0902-14-079839W 23RD AT OUSDAHL RDDunn, Narissa A
2014-08-0402-14-078329W 21ST AT NAISMITH DRShambaugh, Tina
2014-08-0702-14-079092W 19TH AT TENNESSEE STHamilton, Larry
2014-08-0402-14-078278W 19TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STOrrick, Patrick
2014-08-0602-14-078924W 10TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2014-08-0402-14-078364U059 AT W 9TH STRichardson, Skyler
2014-08-0802-14-079524U059 AT W 9TH STPien, John D.
2014-08-0702-14-079168U059 AT W 34TH STBishop, Lindsay B
2014-08-0502-14-078504U059 AT W 31ST STAshley, Daniel A
2014-08-0502-14-078587U059 AT W 29TH STWech, Chris
2014-08-0902-14-079736U059 AT W 25TH STWelch, Adam C
2014-08-0302-14-071647U040 AT WAKARUSA DRShanks, Michael
2014-08-0402-14-078331U040 AT LAWRENCE AVEHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2014-08-0502-14-078612U040 AT INDIANA STWalter, Reid Scott
2014-08-0502-14-078610RHODE ISLAND AT E 13TH STWech, Chris
2014-08-0702-14-079109NAISMITH AT 21ST STRussell, Tracy A
2014-08-0602-14-078779N 2ND AT LYON STChase, Dustin Lee
2014-08-0902-14-079692MASSACHUSETTS AT W 10TH STSouders, Leo
2014-08-1002-14-079998MASSACHUSETTS AT E 9TH STGillum, Myra R
2014-08-0302-14-071649MASSACHUSETTS AT 6TH STTubbs, Charles
2014-08-0602-14-078808KENTUCKY AT W 7TH STChase, Dustin Lee
2014-08-0502-14-078599KENTUCKY AT W 14TH STOrrick, Patrick
2014-08-0802-14-079385KENTUCKY AT W 10TH STBarta, Jon D
2014-08-0602-14-078927K010 AT OUSDAHL RDWalter, Reid Scott
2014-08-0902-14-079688K010 AT OUSDAHL RDWelch, Adam C
2014-08-0402-14-078222K010 AT LOUISIANA STGuile, Joshua
2014-08-0602-14-078922K010 AT ALABAMA STFry, Brad O.
2014-08-0902-14-079675INVERNESS AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYRhoden, Amber
2014-08-0502-14-078534HARVARD AT HOLIDAY STMiller, James
2014-08-0302-14-071651FLORIDA AT W. 5TH STMachado, Will P
2014-08-0802-14-079548CRESTLINE AT COMPTON SQDurazo, Ashley D
2014-08-1002-14-079911CLINTON AT IOWA STSloan, Dominique Finis
2014-08-0502-14-078568CLINTON AT HAWTHORN DRHeafey, Robert T
2014-08-0302-14-071650BOB BILLINGS AT CHELSEA PLCorder, L
2014-08-0602-14-078732BOB BILLINGS AT BOB WHITE STMachado, Will P
2014-08-0502-14-078694BOB BILLINGS AT ST. ANDREWS DRHicks, Donald B
2014-08-0602-14-078876ALDRICH AT KASOLD STCounley, Alissa K
2014-08-0902-14-079685ALDRICH AT KASOLD DRChase, Dustin Lee
2014-08-0502-14-078639951 ARKASAS STCorder, L
2014-08-0202-14-071646900 BLOCK EMERY RD, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2A1)
2014-08-0502-14-0785524841 6thWold, Jimmy TC
2014-08-0502-14-0786004820 BOB BILLINGS PKCorder, Laurence D
2014-08-0902-14-0796693201 IOWA STChase, Dustin Lee
2014-08-0702-14-07915931ST AT W 31ST STRamsdell, Stephen
2014-08-0802-14-0794652ND AT LOCUST STCounley, Alissa K
2014-08-0402-14-0716532500 BRUSHCREEKKemppainen, Dean M
2014-08-0202-14-0716451600 BLOCK W 23RD ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B8)
2014-08-0202-14-0716431400 BLOCK E 15TH ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2C3)
2014-08-0202-14-0716441200 BLOCK TENNESSEE ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1D1)
2014-08-0302-14-07165211 AT TENNESSEE STEgidy, Robert