2 months LKPD Accidents

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127 Accidents were reported in Lawrence, Kansas, during the last two months.

If a report has been completed, a hyperlink is provided with the case number. Click on the case number and you will be taken directly to a page where you can download a free report of the accident.

Issued DateCase NumberLocationReporting Officersort icon
2015-09-2602-15-072144MORNING DOVE AT FIREFLY CTAshley, Daniel A
2015-09-1702-15-070034LOUISIANA AT W 25TH STBaker, George
2015-09-2102-15-071091U059 AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYBardwell, Meghan D
2015-09-1702-15-070078U040 AT ROCKLEDGE RDBialek, John J
2015-09-2002-15-070887KENTUCKY AT 10TH STBialek, John J
2015-09-2502-15-071936KASOLD AT 22ND TERBialek, John J
2015-09-2502-15-071957W 31ST AT OUSDAHL RDBialek, John J
2015-09-2902-15-072871U059 AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYBialek, John J
2015-09-2602-15-072178LOT 5 AT 920 VERMONT STCobb, Michael D
2015-09-2902-15-072875U059 AT K010 HWYCorder, L
2015-09-2102-15-070978CLARE AT E 19TH STCounley, Meagan M
2015-09-2902-15-072849U059 AT W 26TH STCounley, Meagan M
2015-10-0402-15-073983W 25TH AT RIDGE CTCounley, Meagan M
2015-10-0402-15-073990U059 AT W 25TH STCounley, Meagan M
2015-09-1802-15-070333W 19TH AT INDIANA STEgidy, Robert
2015-09-2402-15-071731EDGELEA AT E 19 STEgidy, Robert
2015-10-0202-15-073639U059 AT W 9TH STEgidy, Robert
2015-09-2102-15-070963UNKNOWN AT UNKNOWN STEmerson, Jamie
2015-09-2902-15-072810W 19TH AT STEWART AVEEmerson, Jamie
2015-10-0402-15-074008U059 AT W 25TH STEmerson, Jamie
2015-09-2002-15-070833MASSACHSETTS AT 17TH STErnst, David
2015-09-1702-15-070025REGENCY AT UNIVERSITY DRFroese, Timothy
2015-09-1802-15-070334KASOLD AT 22ND STFroese, Timothy
2015-09-1902-15-070557K010 AT HASKELL AVEFroese, Timothy
2015-10-0202-15-0736491301 24TH STFroese, Timothy
2015-09-1802-15-070221WHITMORE AT E 29TH STFry, Brad O.
2015-09-1902-15-070507KASOLD AT CLINTON PKWYFry, Brad O.
2015-09-2302-15-0713992700 25THFry, Brad O.
2015-09-2402-15-0716612101 29TH TERFry, Brad O.
2015-09-2202-15-071152CLINTON AT U059 HWYGross, Shawn
2015-09-2302-15-071385JOHN DOY AT PETERSON RDGross, Shawn
2015-09-2202-15-071049W 27TH AT LOUISIANA STGuile, Joshua
2015-09-2202-15-071222K010 AT OUSDAHL AVEGuile, Joshua
2015-09-2802-15-07253223RD AT OCONNELL RAMPGuile, Joshua
2015-09-1702-15-070037K010 AT LOUISIANA STHaller Jr, James L
2015-09-2502-15-071956K010 AT MASSACHUSETTS STHaller Jr, James L
2015-09-2602-15-0721791711 23RDHaller Jr, James L
2015-09-3002-15-073085W 17TH AT MISSISSIPPI STHaller Jr, James L
2015-10-0302-15-073850RIDGE AT W 26TH STHaller Jr, James L
2015-09-1802-15-070195KENTUCKY AT W 12TH STHalsted, Ryan
2015-09-2402-15-071768W 24TH AT INVERNESS DRHalsted, Ryan
2015-09-1802-15-070250KASOLD AT W BOB BILLINGS PKHamilton, Larry
2015-09-1902-15-070532NAISMITH AT CRESCENT RDHamilton, Larry
2015-09-2402-15-071630WAKARUSA AT HARVARD RDHamilton, Larry
2015-09-2602-15-072114W 24TH AT INVERNESS DRHeafey, Robert T
2015-10-0102-15-073253U059 AT W 19TH STHeafey, Robert T
2015-10-0102-15-073261NAISMITH AT W 22ND STHeafey, Robert T
2015-10-0302-15-073826W 24TH AT RIDGE CTHeafey, Robert T
2015-09-1802-15-070312W 19TH AT KENTUCKY STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-09-2402-15-0716482200 23RDHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-09-2402-15-071666TENNESSEE AT 19TH STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-09-2602-15-07211525TH AT HARPER STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-09-2602-15-072145ALABAMA AT 25TH STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-09-2702-15-072435MILLER AT E 21ST STHorner, Brett C
2015-09-1702-15-070071WAKARUSA AT HARVARD RDHowell, Matthew R
2015-10-0202-15-073638W 23RD AT TENNESSEE STHowell, Matthew R
2015-10-0202-15-073645W 23RD AT TENNESSEE STHowell, Matthew R
2015-09-2002-15-070870RAWHIDE AT E 27TH STKemppainen, Dean M
2015-09-2102-15-070870W 19TH AT ARKANSAS STKemppainen, Dean M
2015-09-2002-15-0708961600 PARKING LOT STKemppainen, Dean M
2015-09-2302-15-071447MASSACHUSETTS AT W 16TH STKemppainen, Dean M
2015-09-2802-15-07262923RD AT TENNESSEE STKemppainen, Dean M
2015-09-2902-15-072823W 9TH AT AVALON RDKemppainen, Dean M
2015-09-1902-15-070458IOWA AT W 19TH STKennedy, Kristen N
2015-09-2602-15-072094HASKELL AT E 11TH STKennedy, Kristen N
2015-09-2402-15-071721500 0HIOLeitner, Joshua K
2015-09-1802-15-070220U040 AT FOLKS RDMaack, Eric
2015-09-2502-15-071860KASOLD AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYMaack, Eric
2015-10-0202-15-073607KASOLD AT HARVARD RDMaack, Eric
2015-10-0302-15-073828TENNESSEE AT W 19TH STMaack, Eric
2015-09-1802-15-070319W 19TH AT OHIO STMcNemee, Matthew
2015-09-2602-15-0721571802 23RD STMcNemee, Matthew
2015-09-2902-15-072902W 19TH AT MAINE STMills, Sara E
2015-09-1902-15-070569MICHIGAN AT W 5TH STNeff, Robert
2015-09-3002-15-072977U059 AT W 9TH STNeff, Robert
2015-09-2902-15-072736MISSISSIPPI AT 4TH STNichols, Richard D
2015-09-2002-15-070918MAINE AT W 3RD STNorton, Rustin C
2015-09-3002-15-073101W 6TH AT ELDRIDGE STNorton, Rustin C
2015-09-2102-15-071012MASSACHUSETTS AT W 11TH STOrrick, Patrick
2015-09-1802-15-070238SUMMIT AT E 15TH STRamsdell, Stephen
2015-09-1802-15-070291E 15TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STRamsdell, Stephen
2015-09-2402-15-071378MCDONALD AT PRINCETON BLVDRamsdell, Stephen
2015-09-2602-15-072113W 11TH AT OHIO STRamsdell, Stephen
2015-09-2002-15-070853ROCKLEDGE AT MCDONALD DRRhoads, Justin
2015-09-2102-15-071067KASOLD AT W 27TH STRichardson, Skyler
2015-10-0402-15-0740741904 24TH STRichardson, Skyler
2015-09-2002-15-070838MASSACHUSETTS AT U40 HWYRoberts, Matthew C
2015-09-2202-15-071239KENTUCKY AT W 11TH STRoberts, Matthew C
2015-09-2802-15-0726352ND AT U59 HWYRoberts, Matthew C
2015-09-2802-15-072649OVERLAND AT CHAMPION LNRoberts, Matthew C
2015-09-2002-15-070881U059 AT W 9TH STRodgers, Kenneth L
2015-10-0402-15-074062600 WAKARUSA DRRodgers, Kenneth L
2015-09-2702-15-072472ELM AT 5TH STRussell, Tracy A
2015-09-2302-15-071494LOUISIANA AT W 19TH STSchneider, Brett A
2015-09-2502-15-072019W 2ND AT MICHIGAN STShanks, Michael
2015-09-2102-15-071061647 PARKING LOTSloan, Dominique Finis
2015-09-2202-15-071301601 PARKING LOTSloan, Dominique Finis
2015-09-2402-15-071608U059 AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYSouders, Leo
2015-09-2502-15-071932W 9TH AT MAINE STSouders, Leo
2015-09-3002-15-072957MCDONALD AT ROCKELDGE DRSouders, Leo
2015-09-3002-15-072974FOLKS AT OVERLAND DRSouders, Leo
2015-09-1802-15-070310W 19TH AT KENTUCKY STStewart, Charles
2015-09-1902-15-070498JOHNSON AT LEARNARD AVEStewart, Charles
2015-09-1902-15-0705132200 TRAFFICWAYStewart, Charles
2015-10-0102-15-0733371711 MASSACHUSETTS STStewart, Charles
2015-09-2502-15-071862W 19TH AT KENTUCKY STWalter, Reid Scott
2015-09-1902-15-070615U040 AT U059 HWYWeems, Mark
2015-09-2402-15-071764FLORIDA AT W 5TH STWeems, Mark
2015-10-0102-15-073367BOB BILLINGS AT KASOLD DRWeems, Mark
2015-09-1902-15-070512K010 AT U059 HWYWelch, Adam C
2015-09-2202-15-071179YELLOWSTONE AT ATCHINSON DRWelch, Adam C
2015-09-2402-15-0716542400 2NDWelch, Adam C
2015-10-0102-15-0732783511 CLINTON PLWelch, Adam C
2015-10-0202-15-073571CLINTON AT KASOLD DRWelch, Adam C
2015-09-2002-15-070835600 MASSACHUSETSWold, Jimmy TC
2015-09-2202-15-0712581400 U59Wold, Jimmy TC
2015-09-2802-15-0726123600 2NDWold, Jimmy TC
2015-09-2802-15-072641MCDONALD AT W 2ND STWold, Jimmy TC
2015-09-2802-15-072672W 9TH AT AVALON RDWold, Jimmy TC
2015-09-1702-15-070059W 23RD AT NAISMITH STWonderly, Brian M
2015-09-1802-15-070325BOB BILLINGS AT INVERNESS DRWonderly, Brian M
2015-09-2402-15-071649E 11TH AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STWonderly, Brian M
2015-09-2902-15-072801330 PLOTWonderly, Brian M
2015-09-2902-15-072862E 23RD AT RHODE ISLAND STWonderly, Brian M
2015-09-2902-15-072863E 23RD AT RHODE ISLAND STWonderly, Brian M
2015-10-0102-15-073369800 9THWonderly, Brian M