2 months LKPD Accidents

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449 Accidents were reported in Lawrence, Kansas, during the last two months.

If a report has been completed, a hyperlink is provided with the case number. Click on the case number and you will be taken directly to a page where you can download a free report of the accident.

Issued DateCase NumberLocationReporting Officersort icon
2014-04-2302-14-070895500 BLOCK ROCKLEDGE RD, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1A1)
2014-03-2202-14-070669500 BLOCK WAKARUSA DR, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1A4)
2014-04-1502-14-0708211500 BLOCK W 3RD ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1A5)
2014-04-2102-14-0708783000 BLOCK IOWA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B3)
2014-03-1402-14-0706253100 BLOCK IOWA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B4)
2014-04-1102-14-0707902200 BLOCK ATCHISON AVE, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B5)
2014-04-2202-14-0708903000 BLOCK KASOLD DR, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B6)
2014-04-2202-14-0708863000 BLOCK IOWA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B7)
2014-04-2202-14-0708882200 BLOCK RIDGE CT, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B7)
2014-02-2302-14-0704613800 BLOCK CLINTON PKW, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B8)
2014-04-1902-14-0708641400 BLOCK MASSACHUSETTS ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1C1)
2014-04-2202-14-0708892200 BLOCK HARPER ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1C1)
2014-04-2202-14-0708911800 BLOCK LOUISIANA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1C3)
2014-02-2302-14-0704601800 BLOCK BARKER AVE, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1C5)
2014-02-2302-14-070462900 BLOCK RHODE ISLAND ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1C5)
2014-04-2302-14-0708942200 BLOCK NAISMITH DR, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1C6)
2014-04-2302-14-0708962000 BLOCK NAISMITH DR, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1C6)
2014-04-2302-14-0708991400 BLOCK TENNESSEE ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1C6)
2014-04-2202-14-0708872400 BLOCK HASKELL AVE, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1D1)
2014-04-2302-14-070897600 BLOCK N 2ND ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1D2)
2014-04-0402-14-0707411000 BLOCK MISSISSIPPI ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1D3)
2014-04-2102-14-070876600 BLOCK MASSACHUSETTS ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1D3)
2014-04-2302-14-0708931100 BLOCK OHIO ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1D3)
2014-04-1802-14-0708561400 BLOCK KASOLD DR, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1X2)
2014-02-2302-14-0704632200 BLOCK LEARNARD AVE, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1X4)
2014-02-2302-14-0704591200 BLOCK OREAD AVE, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2A4)
2014-04-1502-14-070829500 BLOCK LAWRENCE AVE, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2A6)
2014-03-0902-14-0705712500 BLOCK W 6TH ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2A8)
2014-04-1502-14-0708262200 BLOCK BARKER AVE, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2B3)
2014-03-1302-14-0706131700 BLOCK LAKE ALVAMAR DR, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2B6)
2014-04-1602-14-0708342200 BLOCK RHODE ISLAND ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2C1)
2014-04-1902-14-0708671300 BLOCK LOUISIANA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2C1)
2014-04-1702-14-0708432300 BLOCK O'CONNELL RD, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2C5)
2014-04-2302-14-0708983800 BLOCK GREENWAY DR, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2C5)
2014-04-1802-14-070858800 BLOCK W 24TH ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2C7)
2014-04-2102-14-0708801600 BLOCK KENTUCKY ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2C7)
2014-02-2302-14-0704583600 BLOCK E 25TH ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2D1)
2014-02-2302-14-070464900 BLOCK MAINE ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2D4)
2014-04-2202-14-0708922200 BLOCK MASSACHUSETTS ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2X1)
2014-03-2402-14-070680500 BLOCK STONERIDGE DR, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2X3)
2014-04-1102-14-0707921900 BLOCK LOUISIANA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (576)
2014-03-0602-14-070556K010 AT EAST HILLS DRAshley, Daniel A
2014-03-0702-14-070561K010 AT ALABAMA STAshley, Daniel A
2014-04-0802-14-070771E 19TH AT LEARNARD STAshley, Daniel A
2014-04-0802-14-070774W 31ST AT U059 HWYAshley, Daniel A
2014-04-1502-14-070828917 HIGHLAND DRAshley, Daniel A
2014-03-1302-14-070608W 19TH AT MISSISSIPPI STBaker, George
2014-03-1302-14-07061023RD AT HASKELL AVEBaker, George
2014-03-1402-14-07062323RD AT BARKER AVEBaker, George
2014-03-1802-14-070648LOUISIANA AT W K010 HWYBaker, George
2014-03-2302-14-07067423RD AT MASSACHUSETTS STBaker, George
2014-03-2502-14-070691E 13TH AT OAK HILL AVEBaker, George
2014-04-0802-14-07077023RD AT BARKER AVEBaker, George
2014-04-0802-14-07077223RD AT OHIO STBaker, George
2014-04-1402-14-07081723RD AT MASSACHUSETTS STBaker, George
2014-04-1402-14-070819U059 AT W 19TH STBaker, George
2014-03-0902-14-0705762ND AT VERMONT STBarkley, Eric
2014-03-0902-14-070577NEW HAMPSHIRE AT 11TH STBarkley, Eric
2014-04-0402-14-07074423RD AT TENNESSEE STBarkley, Eric
2014-04-1702-14-0708401300 GEORGE CTBarkley, Eric
2014-03-0302-14-070526LOUISIANA AT W 7TH STBarta, Jon D
2014-03-0302-14-070530OREAD AT W 12TH STBarta, Jon D
2014-03-1202-14-070599W 9TH AT INDIANA STBarta, Jon D
2014-04-0302-14-070738W 11TH AT LOUISIANA STBarta, Jon D
2014-04-2002-14-070871ALMA AT W 10TH CIRBarta, Jon D
2014-04-2002-14-070872601 KASOLD DRBarta, Jon D
2014-04-2102-14-0708791440 WESTBROOKE DRBarta, Jon D
2014-02-2402-14-070465U059 AT W 9TH STBialek, John J
2014-03-0202-14-070522CONGRESSIONAL AT CONGRESSIONAL DRBialek, John J
2014-03-1002-14-0705839TH AT CRESTLINE DRBialek, John J
2014-03-1202-14-070600U059 AT U040 HWYBialek, John J
2014-04-0202-14-070732OVERLAND AT FOLKD RDBialek, John J
2014-04-1202-14-070803ALISTER AT STOWE DRBialek, John J
2014-03-0602-14-070553CLINTON AT LAWRENCE AVEBishop, Lindsay B
2014-03-1402-14-07061411TH AT CONNECTICUT STBishop, Lindsay B
2014-03-1402-14-070615KENTUCKY ATBishop, Lindsay B
2014-04-0702-14-070761DELAWARE AT E 9TH STBishop, Lindsay B
2014-02-2402-14-070479NAISMITH AT W 22ND TERBISSEY, BRADLEY F
2014-02-2602-14-070491W 15TH AT ENGEL RDBissey, Bradley F
2014-03-0402-14-070539NAISMITH AT W 20TH STBissey, Bradley F
2014-03-1102-14-070595LOUISIANA AT W 25TH STBissey, Bradley F
2014-03-1902-14-070654TENNESSEE AT W 11TH STBissey, Bradley F
2014-03-2802-14-0707061700 TENNESSEE STBissey, Bradley F
2014-04-0302-14-070739LOUISIANA AT W 23RD STBissey, Bradley F
2014-04-1102-14-070797W 33RD AT IOWA STBissey, Bradley F
2014-04-1102-14-070798HARPER AT EDGELEA RDBissey, Bradley F
2014-04-1102-14-070802TENNESSE AT W 17TH STBissey, Bradley F
2014-04-1202-14-070807W 11TH AT VERMONT STBissey, Bradley F
2014-04-1702-14-070841K010 AT HASKELL AVEBissey, Bradley F
2014-04-2102-14-070884MAINE AT W 8TH STBissey, Bradley F
2014-03-1402-14-070620LAWRENCE AT 9TH STBrown, Willie
2014-03-0102-14-070510HOLIDAY AT W 9TH STBURKE
2014-02-2402-14-070470U059 AT W 19TH STBurke, William J
2014-03-0202-14-070525W 31ST AT U059 HWYBurke, William J
2014-03-0302-14-0705322330 IOWABurke, William J
2014-03-0402-14-070537K010 AT LOUISIANA STBurke, William J
2014-03-1002-14-070584QUAIL CREEK AT W 22ND STBurke, William J
2014-03-1102-14-070585HIGHLAND AT W 9TH STBurke, William J
2014-03-2802-14-070713U059 AT K010 HWYBurke, William J
2014-04-1002-14-0707853500 CLINTON PLBurke, William J
2014-04-1102-14-0707991900 K010 HWYBurke, William J
2014-04-1602-14-070830U059 AT K010 HWYBurke, William J
2014-04-1602-14-070832U059 AT W 19TH STBurke, William J
2014-04-1702-14-070837HARTFORD AT CLINTON PKBurke, William J
2014-04-1702-14-070842KENTUCKY AT W 17TH STBurke, William J
2014-04-1902-14-070865K010 AT LOUISIANA STBurke, William J
2014-04-2102-14-070881LOUISIANA AT W 22ND STBurke, William J
2014-04-2102-14-070883CLINTON AT CROSSGATE DRBurke, William J
2014-03-1102-14-070593ALABAMA AT 25TH STByrn, Michael
2014-04-0402-14-070743700 711 W. 23RD STByrn, Michael
2014-04-0902-14-070779K010 AT MASSACHUSETTS STByrn, Michael
2014-04-0902-14-070780K010 AT LOUISIANA STByrn, Michael
2014-03-0802-14-0705643200 9THCasagrande, Vincent
2014-03-3002-14-070717W 6TH AT WISCONSIN STCasagrande, Vincent
2014-04-1402-14-070818K010 AT OHIO STCasagrande, Vincent
2014-03-0102-14-070518K010 AT HASKELL AVEChamberlain, Scott
2014-04-0602-14-070759W 22ND AT LOUISIANA STChamberlain, Scott
2014-04-2002-14-070869PRIVATE PROPERTY AT 3300 IOWA STChase, Dustin Lee
2014-04-1802-14-0708441900 NAISMITHCollado, Amaury Manuel
2014-03-0702-14-070557U059 AT W 27TH STCorder, L
2014-03-0802-14-0705671035 3RD STCorder, L
2014-03-1402-14-070617HASKELL AT E 15TH STCorder, L
2014-04-0102-14-070725U059 AT W 21ST STCorder, L
2014-04-0102-14-070726TENNESSEE AT W 18TH STCorder, L
2014-04-0802-14-0707632040 31ST STCorder, L
2014-04-2102-14-070875413 PINE AT CATALINA DRCounley, Alissa K
2014-03-1102-14-070597W 9TH AT MISSISSIPPI STDaubert, Shawn E
2014-03-2602-14-07069623RD AT LOUISIANA STDaubert, Shawn E
2014-04-0402-14-070747NEW HAMPSHIRE AT 8TH STDaubert, Shawn E
2014-04-1902-14-070859U059 AT W 26TH STDaubert, Shawn E
2014-02-2702-14-070496TENNESSEE AT E 8TH STDouglas, Ryan J
2014-02-2702-14-070500W 9TH AT KENTUCKY STDouglas, Ryan J
2014-02-2802-14-070504MASSACHUSETTS AT 8TH STDouglas, Ryan J
2014-03-0502-14-0705443500 2NDDouglas, Ryan J
2014-03-0702-14-070558800 VERMONT STDouglas, Ryan J
2014-03-1202-14-070602W 9TH AT TENNESSEE STDouglas, Ryan J
2014-03-1802-14-07064723RD AT OUSDAHL RDDouglas, Ryan J
2014-03-2302-14-0706752ND AT MASSACHUSETTS STDouglas, Ryan J
2014-03-2402-14-070681HARVARD AT WESTDALE RDDouglas, Ryan J
2014-04-0902-14-0707772540 25TH STDouglas, Ryan J
2014-04-0302-14-070740TENNESSEE S AT W 7TH STDunn, Narissa A
2014-03-0402-14-070540MORNING DOVE AT FIREFLY CTDurazo, Ashley D
2014-03-2102-14-0706621431 CHELSEA PLDurazo, Ashley D
2014-04-0502-14-070753U040 AT KASOLD DRDurazo, Ashley D
2014-04-1902-14-070866W 9TH AT U059 HWYDurazo, Ashley D
2014-02-2402-14-070477K010 AT LOUISIANA STEgidy, Robert
2014-03-0902-14-070578OHIO AT W 19TH STEgidy, Robert
2014-04-0902-14-070782K010 AT HASKELL AVEEgidy, Robert
2014-02-2802-14-070506K010 AT LOUISIANA STEmerson, Jamie
2014-03-1402-14-07062123RD AT ALABAMA STEmerson, Jamie
2014-03-1702-14-070641PRIVATE PROPERTY AT LOUISIANA STEmerson, Jamie
2014-03-0402-14-070538ARKANSAS AT W 4TH STFennelly, Andrew
2014-03-2802-14-070711STOCKADE AT STETSON DRFennelly, Andrew
2014-04-1202-14-070804KENTUCKY AT W 19TH STFennelly, Andrew
2014-03-0402-14-070541BOB BILLINGS AT U059 HWYFogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-03-0502-14-070542PARKING LOT AT 1601 W.23RD STFogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-03-1102-14-070596W 27TH AT BELLE HAVEN DRFogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-03-2702-14-070701PARKING LOT ATFogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-03-2702-14-070705U059 AT W 19TH STFogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-03-2802-14-0707149TH W AT OHIO STFogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-04-1802-14-070852PRIVATE PROPERTY AT 1908 E. 19 LOT W70Fogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-04-1802-14-070854E 23RD AT HASKELL STFogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-04-1802-14-070857KENTUCKY AT W 13TH STFogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-02-2402-14-070474K010 AT ALABAMA STFroese, Timothy
2014-02-2502-14-070483U040 AT U059 HWYFroese, Timothy
2014-03-2002-14-070656PRINCETON AT MCDONALD DRFroese, Timothy
2014-03-2802-14-070712INVERNESS AT CLINTON FRONTAGE PKWYFroese, Timothy
2014-04-0202-14-070733U059 AT HARVARD RDFroese, Timothy
2014-04-0302-14-070735U040 AT GEORGE WILLIAMS WAYFroese, Timothy
2014-04-1102-14-070800U059 AT 24TH STFroese, Timothy
2014-04-1602-14-070833600 LAWRENCE AVEFroese, Timothy
2014-02-2602-14-070487U059 AT U040 HWYFry, Brad O.
2014-03-2402-14-070678CRESTLINE AT W 9TH STFry, Brad O.
2014-03-2502-14-070693KASOLD AT W 13TH STFry, Brad O.
2014-04-0802-14-070769TRAIL AT ROUNDABOUT CIRFry, Brad O.
2014-04-0902-14-070778U040 AT GATEWAY CTFry, Brad O.
2014-02-2602-14-070488K010 AT SILICON AVEGarcia, Peter
2014-03-1102-14-070592MAPLE AT MILLER DRGarcia, Peter
2014-03-1902-14-070651MASSACHUSETTS AT W 17TH STGarcia, Peter
2014-03-2202-14-070663K010 AT RHODE ISLAND STGarcia, Peter
2014-03-2202-14-070667E 24TH AT HOME CIRGarcia, Peter
2014-03-2702-14-070698K010 AT O'CONNELL RDGarcia, Peter
2014-03-2902-14-070715K010 AT HASKELL AVEGarcia, Peter
2014-04-1902-14-070863E 24TH AT HARPER STGarcia, Peter
2014-02-2402-14-070467E 9TH AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STGardner, Jonathan M
2014-02-2502-14-070480W 9TH AT LOUISIANA STGardner, Jonathan M
2014-02-2602-14-070489NAISMITH AT W 23RD STGardner, Jonathan M
2014-03-0302-14-070527W 6TH AT TENNESSEE STGardner, Jonathan M
2014-03-0402-14-070535NEW HAMPSHIRE AT E 7TH STGardner, Jonathan M
2014-03-0902-14-070573W 9TH AT WELLINGTON RDGardner, Jonathan M
2014-03-1102-14-070590KASOLD AT W 6TH STGardner, Jonathan M
2014-03-1102-14-070594W 18TH AT FOXFIRE DRGardner, Jonathan M
2014-03-2002-14-0706551500 BOB WHITEGardner, Jonathan M
2014-03-2002-14-070660IOWA AT CLINTON PKWYGardner, Jonathan M
2014-04-1102-14-070795EMERY AT W 9TH STGardner, Jonathan M
2014-02-2402-14-0704681000 ALLEYGillum, Myra R
2014-03-0402-14-070534MAPLE AT E 15TH STGillum, Myra R
2014-03-1802-14-070644WALNUT AT N 7TH STGillum, Myra R
2014-03-2502-14-070687TENNESSEE AT W 8TH STGillum, Myra R
2014-03-3102-14-070719BOB BILLINGS AT WAKARUSA DRGillum, Myra R
2014-04-0702-14-070760LOCUST AT N 3RD STGillum, Myra R
2014-04-0702-14-070762MAINE AT W 6TH STGillum, Myra R
2014-04-1302-14-0708122160 26TH STGillum, Myra R
2014-04-2002-14-070870W 9TH AT VERMONT STGillum, Myra R
2014-03-2702-14-070703PROSPECT AT E 15TH STGuile, Joshua
2014-03-0202-14-07051927TH AT IOWA STHaak, Terry
2014-03-0802-14-070565INVERNESS AT NICKLAUS DRHaak, Terry
2014-03-1402-14-070627LAWRENCE AT W 29TH TERHaak, Terry
2014-02-2402-14-070475U040 AT U059 HWYHaig, Nathaniel J
2014-03-0302-14-070533PLOT AT CENTENNIAL DRHaig, Nathaniel J
2014-03-1002-14-070588W 25TH AT BRYCE CTHaig, Nathaniel J
2014-03-2602-14-070695MASSACHUSETTS AT W 10TH STHaig, Nathaniel J
2014-03-0202-14-070523LOUISIANA AT W 29TH TERHaller Jr, James L
2014-03-0302-14-070531LOUISIANA AT W 20TH STHaller Jr, James L
2014-03-0502-14-0705451321 25THHaller Jr, James L
2014-03-0902-14-070575K010 AT RHODE ISLAND STHaller Jr, James L
2014-03-1102-14-070591W 19TH AT KENTUCKY STHaller Jr, James L
2014-03-1902-14-070652NEW JERSEY AT E 10TH STHaller Jr, James L
2014-03-2002-14-0706593300 33RD STHaller Jr, James L
2014-03-2202-14-070666E 21ST AT MASSACHUSETTS STHaller Jr, James L
2014-04-0902-14-070775K010 AT TENNESSEE STHaller Jr, James L
2014-04-1702-14-0708353800 GREENWAY CIRHaller Jr, James L
2014-04-1902-14-070861K010 AT TENNESSEE STHaller Jr, James L
2014-04-2102-14-07087323RD AT KENTUCKY CTHaller Jr, James L
2014-04-2102-14-070877K010 AT TENNESSEE STHaller Jr, James L
2014-03-0502-14-070543KASOLD AT TRAIL RDHalsted, Ryan
2014-04-0302-14-070736W 9TH AT MISSISSIPPI STHalsted, Ryan
2014-04-0502-14-070748VERMONT AT W 11TH STHalsted, Ryan
2014-04-0502-14-070750PARKING LOT AT RHODE ISLAND STHalsted, Ryan
2014-04-2002-14-070868MASSACHUSETTS AT 8TH STHalsted, Ryan
2014-03-2802-14-070707U059 AT W 9TH STHamilton, Larry
2014-04-1002-14-070786U059 AT W 9TH STHamilton, Larry
2014-02-2702-14-070502CLINTON AT ATCHISON AVEHeafey, Robert T
2014-02-2802-14-070505K010 AT NAISMITH DRHeafey, Robert T
2014-03-0102-14-0705131900 0USDAHLHeafey, Robert T
2014-03-1202-14-070601ALABAMA AT W 25TH STHeafey, Robert T
2014-03-1302-14-070604U059 AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYHeafey, Robert T
2014-03-1302-14-070607K010 AT NAISMITH DRHeafey, Robert T
2014-03-1802-14-0706491300 VANTYULHeafey, Robert T
2014-03-3002-14-070716HARTFORD AT W 22ND STHeafey, Robert T
2014-04-0802-14-070767U059 AT W 34TH STHeafey, Robert T
2014-03-2002-14-070658U059 AT U040 HWYHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2014-04-1102-14-0707934500 OVERLAND DRHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2014-02-2402-14-070472W 19TH AT TENNESSEE STHorner, Brett C
2014-04-1802-14-070848U59 AT W 19TH STHorner, Brett C
2014-03-0102-14-070511N IOWA AT KINGSTON DRIvener, Ron
2014-03-0102-14-070516INVERNESS AT W 24TH PLIvener, Ron
2014-03-1502-14-070630MASSACHUSETTS AT 11TH STIvener, Ron
2014-03-1802-14-070643W 19TH AT MELHOLLAND RDIvener, Ron
2014-04-1002-14-070783W 12TH AT LOUISIANA STKemppainen, Dean M
2014-04-1202-14-070808W 21ST AT LOUISIANA STKemppainen, Dean M
2014-02-2502-14-070482NORTH PARK AT MASSACHUSETTS STKennedy, Kristen N
2014-04-1002-14-070787W 23RD AT MASSACHUSETTS STKennedy, Kristen N
2014-04-1102-14-0708017TH AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STKennedy, Kristen N
2014-04-1802-14-070855900 U059Kennedy, Kristen N
2014-03-1302-14-070609700 OHIO NKerby, Peter Edward
2014-03-1902-14-07065323RD AT HARPER STKerby, Peter Edward
2014-04-0102-14-070728W 9TH AT EMERY RDKerby, Peter Edward
2014-03-1402-14-0706281100 VERMONT STLeitner, Josh
2014-02-2702-14-07050323RD AT HARPER STLeslie, Matthew Gene
2014-03-0102-14-070514W 33RD AT U059 HWYLeslie, Matthew Gene
2014-03-0702-14-070562K010 AT HARPER STLeslie, Matthew Gene
2014-03-1402-14-070612100 IOWALeslie, Matthew Gene
2014-03-1502-14-070629MILLER AT MAPLE LNLeslie, Matthew Gene
2014-03-2302-14-070673KENTUCKY AT 13TH STLeslie, Matthew Gene
2014-04-1302-14-070773E 23RD AT HASKELL AVELeslie, Matthew Gene
2014-02-2402-14-0704664301 24TH PLMaack, Eric
2014-03-1002-14-070582K010 AT OUSDAHL RDMaack, Eric
2014-03-1902-14-070650TRAIL AT ROUNDABOUT CIRMaack, Eric
2014-03-2102-14-070661WAKARUSA AT W 18TH STMaack, Eric
2014-04-0202-14-070731U059 AT W 25TH STMaack, Eric
2014-04-0502-14-070749CROSSGATE AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYMaack, Eric
2014-03-0102-14-070517U059 AT W. 31ST STMachado, Will P
2014-03-2402-14-070682NIEDER AT W. 33RD STMachado, Will P
2014-04-1102-14-070794W 19TH AT KENTUCKY STMcClelland, Frank V
2014-04-1802-14-070850E 19TH AT LEARNARD AVEMcClelland, Frank V
2014-04-1802-14-070851MASSACHUSETTS AT W 22ND STMcClelland, Frank V
2014-03-0302-14-070528CLINTON AT CROSSGATE DRMcNemee, Matthew
2014-03-1002-14-070580U059 AT W 19TH STMcNemee, Matthew
2014-03-2202-14-070664CLINTON AT IOWA STMcNemee, Matthew
2014-03-2802-14-070708CLINTON AT KASOLD DRMcNemee, Matthew
2014-04-0202-14-070730U059 AT K010 HWYMcNemee, Matthew
2014-03-0902-14-070572BARKER AT E 20TH STMeyer, Timothy A
2014-02-2602-14-0704921100 FAMBROUGHMiller, James
2014-03-0202-14-070521W 14TH AT OHIO STMills, Sara E
2014-04-2202-14-070885K010 AT MASSACHUSETTS STMills, Sara E
2014-04-0402-14-070746INDIANA AT W 9TH STNeff, Robert
2014-04-0502-14-070754W 10TH AT MISSISSIPPI STNeff, Robert
2014-04-1202-14-070806MASSACHUSETTS AT N PARK STNeff, Robert
2014-04-1802-14-070853U040 AT OHIO STNeff, Robert
2014-03-0202-14-0705209TH AT KENTUCKY STNichols, Richard D
2014-03-1402-14-070624MICHIGAN AT 5TH STNichols, Richard D
2014-03-2402-14-070679U040 AT CONGRESSIONAL DRNichols, Richard D
2014-03-3102-14-070723HAVERSHAM AT STOWE DRNichols, Richard D
2014-04-0802-14-070768U040 AT U059 HWYNichols, Richard D
2014-04-1402-14-070814TRAIL AT MONTEREY WAYNichols, Richard D
2014-03-2502-14-070690K010 AT OUSDAHL RDNicholson, Kimberlee A
2014-03-2502-14-070692U059 AT K010 HWYNicholson, Kimberlee A
2014-04-0602-14-070758CLINTON AT YANKEE TANK RDNicholson, Kimberlee A
2014-03-0602-14-070554MASSACHUSETTS AT U040 HWYOrrick, Patrick
2014-03-0602-14-070555W 9TH AT ROCKLEDGE RDOrrick, Patrick
2014-03-1302-14-070606LAWRENCE AT U040 HWYOrrick, Patrick
2014-03-3102-14-070718KASOLD AT HARVARD RDOrrick, Patrick
2014-03-3102-14-070721TENNESSEE AT W 11TH STOrrick, Patrick
2014-04-0802-14-070766U040 AT TENNESSEE STOrrick, Patrick
2014-04-1402-14-070815KENTUCKY AT W 9TH STOrrick, Patrick
2014-02-2702-14-0704946TH AT W 6TH STOsborne, S
2014-03-1602-14-0706352515 6TH STOsborne, S
2014-03-0102-14-070515TENNESSEE S AT W 9TH STOwens, Kyle William
2014-03-2602-14-070694VERMONT AT U40 HWYP.KERBY
2014-04-1902-14-070845K010 AT HARPER STPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2014-03-0802-14-0705704651 6thPien, John D
2014-03-1402-14-070626PETERSON AT MONTEREY WAYPien, John D
2014-02-2402-14-070478U040 AT WAKARUSA DRRamsdell, Stephen
2014-03-0502-14-070547FOLKS AT U040 HWYRamsdell, Stephen
2014-03-0902-14-070574W 33RD AT NIEDER RDRamsdell, Stephen
2014-03-0902-14-070579HARTFORD AT W 22ND STRamsdell, Stephen
2014-03-1002-14-070586W 9TH AT HIGHLAND DRRamsdell, Stephen
2014-03-1202-14-070603CLINTON AT HAWTHORNE DRRamsdell, Stephen
2014-03-2202-14-0706684100 24TH PLRamsdell, Stephen
2014-03-2702-14-070700K010 AT TENNESSEE STRamsdell, Stephen
2014-03-2802-14-070710U059 AT OXFORD RDRamsdell, Stephen
2014-04-0402-14-070742CLINTON AT U059 HWYRamsdell, Stephen
2014-04-0902-14-070776W 6TH AT MAINE STRamsdell, Stephen
2014-04-1102-14-070789ATCHISON AT W 26TH STRamsdell, Stephen
2014-04-1102-14-070796W 19TH AT STEWART AVERamsdell, Stephen
2014-03-0602-14-070549U040 AT U059 HWYReed, Blake Andrew
2014-04-0402-14-070745LOUISIANA AT W 20TH STRhoads, Justin
2014-04-1702-14-070839MASSACHUSETTS AT E 8TH STRhoads, Justin
2014-02-2702-14-0704971035 3RD STRhoden, Amber
2014-03-0102-14-070512MASSACHUSETTS AT 9TH STRhoden, Amber
2014-03-1602-14-070637U040 AT U059 HWYRhoden, Amber
2014-03-2302-14-0706711414 6thRhoden, Amber
2014-03-2502-14-070685U040 AT MAINE STRhoden, Amber
2014-03-2502-14-070686VERMONT AT W 9TH STRhoden, Amber
2014-04-1302-14-070809N 2ND AT LOCUST STRhoden, Amber
2014-04-1302-14-070811E 6TH AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STRhoden, Amber
2014-04-1502-14-0708255TH AT MICHIGAN STRhoden, Amber
2014-04-2102-14-070874CLINTON AT LAWRENCE AVERhoden, Amber
2014-03-2702-14-070702W 31ST AT OUSDAHL RDRichardson, Skyler
2014-02-2702-14-070501LAWRENCE AT U040 HWYRiggs, Shannon
2014-04-0602-14-0707564301 WIMBLEDON TERRiggs, Shannon
2014-02-2402-14-070473K010 AT EAST HILLS DRRobinson, Ryan C
2014-02-2402-14-07047623RD AT HARPER STROBINSON, RYAN C
2014-03-2702-14-070699INDIAN AT K010 HWYRobinson, Ryan C
2014-03-2702-14-0707041401 24TH STRobinson, Ryan C
2014-04-2102-14-070882K010 AT MASSACHUSETTS STRobinson, Ryan C
2014-02-2502-14-070481W 19TH AT ANNA DRRodgers, Kenneth L
2014-03-1002-14-07058723RD AT NAISMITH DRRodgers, Kenneth L
2014-03-1102-14-070589U040 AT ARIZONA STRodgers, Kenneth L
2014-04-0502-14-070751U059 AT K010 HWYRodgers, Kenneth L
2014-04-1202-14-070805IOWA AT W 26TH STRodgers, Kenneth L
2014-04-1102-14-0707881300 ALLEYRussell, Tracy
2014-04-0302-14-0707371400 KASOLD DRRussell, Tracy A
2014-04-1102-14-070791U040 AT ROCKLEDGE RDRussell, Tracy A
2014-04-1702-14-070838U040 AT WAKARUSA DRRussell, Tracy A
2014-04-1802-14-070847101 GEORGE WILLIAMS WAYRussell, Tracy A
2014-04-1902-14-070860U040 AT ROCKLEDGE RDRussell, Tracy A
2014-03-0802-14-070566WAKARUSA AT INNSBROOK DRSchneider, Brett A
2014-03-2402-14-070683BOB BILLINGS AT INVERNESS DRSchneider, Brett A
2014-03-2502-14-070689RHODE ISLAND AT E 8TH STShambaugh, Tina
2014-03-1502-14-070632LOUISIANA AT K010 HWYShambaugh, Tina M.
2014-02-2602-14-070485BOB BILLINGS AT KASOLD DRShanks, Michael
2014-02-2702-14-0704983300 IOWAShanks, Michael
2014-02-2802-14-070507KASOLD AT U040 HWYShanks, Michael
2014-03-0702-14-070560U040 AT FRONTIER RDShanks, Michael
2014-03-2502-14-070684LAWRENCE AT STEVEN DRShanks, Michael
2014-02-2402-14-070469PRIVATE PROPERTY AT EMERY RDShipley, Meagan L
2014-02-2402-14-070471K010 AT OUSDAHL RDShipley, Meagan L
2014-02-2602-14-070490W 33RD AT NIEDER RDShipley, Meagan L
2014-03-0402-14-07053623RD AT LOUISIANA STShipley, Meagan L
2014-03-0502-14-070546KENTUCKY AT W 6TH STShipley, Meagan L
2014-03-0502-14-070548ILLINOIS AT W 4TH STShipley, Meagan L
2014-04-0202-14-070734OUSDAHL AT W 22ND TERShipley, Meagan L
2014-04-0502-14-070752LAWRENCE AT W 6TH STShipley, Meagan L
2014-03-1602-14-070636WAKARUSA AT INNSBROOK DRSimon, Nicholas C
2014-03-1802-14-070642TENNESSEE AT W 10TH STSimon, Nicholas C
2014-02-2702-14-070493CRESTLINE AT W 24TH TERSmith, Derrick Andrew
2014-03-1302-14-070611HASKELL AT E 19TH STSmith, Derrick Andrew
2014-03-1502-14-070633MCDONALD AT N 2ND STSmith, Derrick Andrew
2014-03-0202-14-070524TENNESSEE AT W 21ST STSouders, Leo
2014-03-0302-14-070529NEW HAMPSHIRE AT E 7TH STSouders, Leo
2014-03-2702-14-070697CITY PARKING LOT 3 AT VERMONT STSouders, Leo
2014-04-1702-14-070836TENNESSEE AT W 21ST STSouders, Leo
2014-04-1802-14-070846PARKING LOT AT W 31ST STSouders, Leo
2014-04-1902-14-070862W 33RD AT OUSDAHL RDSouders, Leo
2014-02-2602-14-070484U040 AT MICHIGAN STSpurling, Kresten
2014-03-0602-14-070550CLINTON AT KASOLD DRSpurling, Kresten
2014-03-1302-14-070605K010 AT OUSDAHL RDSpurling, Kresten
2014-03-1402-14-070616U059 AT K010 HWYSpurling, Kresten
2014-03-2302-14-070670WAKARUSA AT INNSBROOK DRSpurling, Kresten
2014-04-0102-14-0707272511 31ST STSpurling, Kresten
2014-03-0602-14-0705511100 ALLEYStegall, Micah
2014-03-1402-14-07061823RD AT BARKER AVEStegall, Micah
2014-03-1802-14-070645U059 AT UNIVERSTIY DRStegall, Micah
2014-03-1802-14-070646GRAYSTONE AT U040 HWYStegall, Micah
2014-04-1302-14-070813TENNESSEE AT W 13TH STStegall, Micah
2014-02-2802-14-070508W 19TH AT OHIO STStites, Sheri K
2014-03-1402-14-070622U040 AT GATEWAY DRStites, Sheri K
2014-03-1502-14-070634K010 AT ALABAMA STStites, Sheri K
2014-04-0902-14-070781W 26TH AT MCCORMICK STStites, Sheri K
2014-04-1502-14-070827W 9TH AT U059 HWYStites, Sheri K
2014-02-2602-14-070486TENNESSEE AT 11TH STTubbs, Charles
2014-02-2702-14-070499NEW HAMPSHIRE AT 8TH STTubbs, Charles
2014-02-2802-14-070509VERMONT AT 7TH STTubbs, Charles
2014-03-0702-14-0705592223 LOUISIANA STTubbs, Charles
2014-03-0802-14-070569725 VERMONT STTubbs, Charles
2014-03-3102-14-0707201000 UNKNOWNTubbs, Charles
2014-04-0102-14-070729EDINBURGH AT PETERSON RDTubbs, Charles
2014-04-1402-14-070816MISSISSIPPI AT 10TH STTubbs, Charles
2014-04-1502-14-070823100 UNKNOWNTubbs, Charles
2014-04-1602-14-07083112TH W AT OHIO STTubbs, Charles
2014-04-0802-14-070765W 9TH AT MAINE STWALTER, R
2014-03-0702-14-070563U059 AT U040 HWYWalter, Reid Scott
2014-03-3102-14-070722U040 AT INDIANA STWalter, Reid Scott
2014-04-0602-14-070757K010 AT OHIO STWalter, Reid Scott
2014-03-1002-14-070581NEW HAMPSHIRE AT MASSACHUSETTS STWech, Chris
2014-03-2002-14-070657001 RIVERFRONT PLZWech, Chris
2014-03-2202-14-070665KENTUCKY AT U040 HWYWech, Chris
2014-03-2802-14-070709E 14TH AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STWech, Chris
2014-04-1002-14-070784W 19TH AT TENNESSEE STWech, Chris
2014-04-1802-14-070849K010 AT RHODE ISLAND STWech, Chris
2014-02-2702-14-070495CONNECTICUT AT E 13TH STWeems, Mark
2014-03-0602-14-070552LOUISIANA AT PARK HILL TERWeems, Mark
2014-03-1202-14-070598E 25TH AT HARPER STWeems, Mark
2014-03-1402-14-070619826 VERMONT STWeems, Mark
2014-03-1502-14-070631K010 AT HASKELL AVEWeems, Mark
2014-04-0102-14-070724E 7TH AT CONNECTICUT STWeems, Mark
2014-04-1302-14-070810E 9TH AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STWeems, Mark
2014-03-2402-14-07067624TH AT HARPER STWeidl, Matthew R
2014-03-0802-14-070568CROSSGATE AT CLINTON PKWYWold, Jimmy TC
2014-03-1702-14-070638SWEET GRASS AT GRAND VISTA DRWold, Jimmy TC
2014-03-1702-14-070639110 MICHIGAN STWold, Jimmy TC
2014-03-1702-14-0706403332 8TH STWold, Jimmy TC
2014-03-2302-14-070672SIERRA AT TRAIL RDWold, Jimmy TC
2014-03-2502-14-070688LOUISIANA AT W 19TH STWold, Jimmy TC
2014-04-0602-14-070755TENNESSEE AT W 9TH STWold, Jimmy TC
2014-04-0802-14-0707643051 LAKEVIEW RDWold, Jimmy TC
2014-04-1502-14-070820WISCONSIN AT W 4TH STWold, Jimmy TC
2014-04-1502-14-070824FOLKS AT OVERLAND DRWold, Jimmy TC