2 months LKPD Accidents

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112 Accidents were reported in Lawrence, Kansas, during the last two months.

If a report has been completed, a hyperlink is provided with the case number. Click on the case number and you will be taken directly to a page where you can download a free report of the accident.

Issued DateCase NumberLocationsort iconReporting Officer
2016-10-1902-16-072471100 K010 WDunn, Narissa A
2016-10-2302-16-0736591000 K010 EDunn, Narissa A
2016-10-2102-16-0730181000 U59Neff, Robert
2016-10-1702-16-0718011309 6thSouders, Leo
2016-10-2302-16-0736731530 6thFroese, Timothy
2016-10-1302-16-0706952200 EASTHILLSHaller Jr, James L
2016-10-2102-16-0729252300 K010 EDunn, Narissa A
2016-10-1702-16-07179923RD AT HASKELL AVEWelch, Adam C
2016-10-2402-16-07400223RD AT LOUISIANA STRussell, Tracy A
2016-10-2002-16-07283323RD AT LOUISIANA STBardwell, Meghan D
2016-10-2002-16-07271923RD AT MASSACHUSETTS STBaker, George
2016-10-2402-16-0738052437 OUSDAHL RDWold, Jimmy TC
2016-10-1302-16-070810300 U059Howell, Matthew R
2016-10-1702-16-071789300 U059Souders, Leo
2016-10-2502-16-0742053100 U059 NDunn, Narissa A
2016-10-1702-16-0718803201 IOWAWelch, Adam C
2016-10-1902-16-0724874100 24THRamsdell, Stephen
2016-10-2102-16-0729294700 OVERLAND AT OVERLAND DRStegall, Micah
2016-10-2102-16-0730134700 OVERLAND DRCorder, L
2016-10-2202-16-0733554900 27THWilliams, David S
2016-10-1202-16-0704834911 27TH STAshley, Daniel A
2016-10-1402-16-0709515400 2NDHachmeister, Aaron
2016-10-1402-16-0710275TH AT WISCONSIN STBialek, John J
2016-10-1602-16-071622600 FOLKS RDFennelly, Andrew
2016-10-1602-16-071637658 23RDPien, John D
2016-10-1102-16-070203BOB BILLINGS AT QUAIL POINTE TERShanks, Michael
2016-10-2102-16-073040BOB BILLINGS AT BOB WHITE DRCorder, L
2016-10-1402-16-071037BOB BILLINGS AT WESTBROOKE STSouders, Leo
2016-10-1302-16-070703CLINTON AT ATCHISON AVEAshley, Daniel A
2016-10-2402-16-073899CLINTON AT CROSSGATE DRUnruh, Mark A
2016-10-1402-16-070763CLINTON AT KASOLD DRFry, Brad O.
2016-10-1302-16-070732CLINTON AT U059 HWYJohnson, Brad
2016-10-1802-16-072092CONGRESSIONAL AT CONGRESSIONAL DRFroese, Timothy
2016-10-2002-16-072707CONGRESSIONAL AT CONGRESSIONAL DRHamilton, Larry
2016-10-2402-16-073971E 12TH AT BROOK STRussell, Tracy A
2016-10-2202-16-073357E 15TH AT HARPER STFraser, Chase R
2016-10-1202-16-070441E 24TH AT SURREY DRHaller Jr, James L
2016-10-2302-16-073550E 27TH AT HARPER STFarwell, Jennifer E
2016-10-1602-16-071612ELDRIDGE AT U040 HWYFennelly, Andrew
2016-10-2202-16-073304GEORGE WILLIAMS AT ROCK CHALK DRHamilton, Larry
2016-10-2402-16-073808HARPER AT EDGELEA RDHeafey, Robert T
2016-10-2302-16-073671HARPER AT E 21ST TERHaig, Nathaniel J
2016-10-1102-16-070172HASKELL AT PINECONE DRShipley, Meagan L
2016-10-1002-16-070147IOWA AT U059 HWYRamsdell, Stephen
2016-10-2002-16-072709K010 AT ALABAMA STHaller Jr, James L
2016-10-1102-16-070206K010 AT HASKELL AVEWeems, Mark
2016-10-1202-16-070408K010 AT LOUISIANA STHaller Jr, James L
2016-10-1302-16-070799K010 AT LOUISIANA STPien, John D
2016-10-1702-16-071921K010 AT NAISMITH DRLeitner, Joshua K
2016-10-1302-16-070774K010 AT OHIO STFarwell, Jennifer E
2016-10-2102-16-072995K059 AT UNIVERSITY DRBarkley, Eric
2016-10-1302-16-070752MAINE AT W 6TH STGardner, Jonathan M
2016-10-2002-16-072717MASSACHUSETTS AT W 19TH STRamsdell, Stephen
2016-10-1702-16-071896MASSACHUSETTS AT E 11TH STAshley, Daniel A
2016-10-1002-16-070098MASSACHUSETTS AT E 19TH ST STMcCann, Ian C
2016-10-2302-16-073692MASSACHUSETTS AT W 17TH STHaig, Nathaniel J
2016-10-2402-16-073924MASSACHUSETTS N AT W 11TH STDunn, Narissa A
2016-10-1002-16-070097NAISMITH AT W 21ST STRichardson, Skyler
2016-10-1902-16-072428NEW YORK AT E 10TH STDunn, Narissa A
2016-10-1102-16-070220OAK HILL AT ELMWOOD DRKerby, Peter Edward
2016-10-2502-16-074183OUSDAHL AT W 31ST STHaig, Nathaniel J
2016-10-1702-16-071859PARKING LOT AT CONGRESSIONAL DRFry, Brad O.
2016-10-1602-16-071608PARKING LOT AT U040 HWYFry, Brad O.
2016-10-1902-16-072501RIDGE AT W 26TH STKerby, Peter Edward
2016-10-1102-16-070198STOWE AT ALISTER DRCorder, Laurence D
2016-10-1202-16-070464TENNESSEE AT W 17TH STFarwell, Jennifer E
2016-10-1902-16-072412TENNESSEE AT 13TH STTubbs, Charles
2016-10-2002-16-072801TENNESSEE AT W 14TH STAlvord, Steven A
2016-10-1902-16-072375TENNESSEE AT W 9TH STHeafey, Robert T
2016-10-1202-16-070605TENNESSEE S AT W 17TH STDunn, Narissa A
2016-10-1002-16-070084U040 AT FOLKS RDNeff, Robert
2016-10-1502-16-071280U040 AT FOLKS RDHamilton, Larry
2016-10-1302-16-070838U040 AT GEORGE WILLIAMS WAYHowell, Matthew R
2016-10-1102-16-070190U040 AT LAWRENCE AVEShanks, Michael
2016-10-1702-16-071868U040 AT MASSACHUSETTS STFroese, Timothy
2016-10-2002-16-072687U040 AT ROCKLEDGE RDSpurling, Kresten
2016-10-1802-16-072181U040 AT VERMONT STFroese, Timothy
2016-10-1402-16-071090U059 AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYBialek, John J
2016-10-1002-16-070060U059 AT U040 HWYCorder, L
2016-10-1002-16-070007U059 AT YALE RDWisdom, Shelby P
2016-10-1302-16-070761U059 AT W 19TH STBaker, George
2016-10-1702-16-071856U059 AT W 19TH STPien, John D
2016-10-2002-16-072756U059 AT W 31ST STMcNemee, Matthew
2016-10-1702-16-071938VERMONT AT 7TH STNichols, Richard D
2016-10-1702-16-071858VERMONT AT W 9TH STSouders, Leo
2016-10-1602-16-071591VERMONT ATPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2016-10-1502-16-071442VERMONT AT NEBRASKA STWonderly, Brian M
2016-10-1802-16-072106W 10TH AT KENTUCKY STPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2016-10-2102-16-072990W 14TH AT TENNESSEE STHaller Jr, James L
2016-10-2402-16-073801W 19TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STBaker, George
2016-10-2002-16-072678W 19TH AT STEWART AVEHaller Jr, James L
2016-10-2602-16-074378W 19TH AT TENNESSEE STWelch, Adam C
2016-10-2102-16-072999W 23RD AT LOUISIANA STJohnson, Brad
2016-10-1302-16-070777W 23RD AT U059 HWYJohnson, Brad
2016-10-1902-16-072494W 24TH AT OUSDAHL RDFraser, Chase R
2016-10-2202-16-073302W 25TH AT LOUISIANA STHaller Jr, James L
2016-10-2002-16-072688W 28TH AT LAWRENCE AVEMcNemee, Matthew
2016-10-2102-16-072996W 2ND AT WISCONSIN STRamsdell, Stephen
2016-10-1802-16-072155W 31ST AT HARRISON AVEWold, Jimmy TC
2016-10-2102-16-072953W 31ST AT NIEDER RDFroese, Timothy
2016-10-1902-16-072396W 8TH AT LAWRENCE AVEStegall, Micah
2016-10-1002-16-070014W 8TH AT TENNESSEE STGardner, Jonathan M
2016-10-1002-16-070114W 8TH AT VERMONT STGardner, Jonathan M
2016-10-2202-16-073339W 9TH AT EMERY RDHamilton, Larry
2016-10-2402-16-073817W 9TH AT AVALON RDShanks, Michael
2016-10-2102-16-072948W 9TH AT HIGHLAND DRRhoads, Justin
2016-10-1102-16-070188W 9TH AT LOUISIANA STHicks, Donald B
2016-10-1302-16-070789W 9TH AT MISSOURI STHeafey, Robert T
2016-10-2302-16-073643W 9TH AT U059 HWYFry, Brad O.
2016-10-2302-16-073589W 9TH AT VERMONT STHachmeister, Aaron
2016-10-2202-16-073032WAKARUSA AT W 18TH STRhoads, Justin
2016-10-1502-16-071330WAKARUSA AT W 27TH STStegall, Micah