2 months LKPD Accidents

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13 Accidents were reported in Lawrence, Kansas, during the last two months.

If a report has been completed, a hyperlink is provided with the case number. Click on the case number and you will be taken directly to a page where you can download a free report of the accident.

Issued Datesort iconCase NumberLocationReporting Officer
2017-09-1902-17-070021HASKELL AT HASKELL AVEIvener, Ron
2017-09-1902-17-070038E 15TH AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STLindsay, Larry
2017-09-1902-17-070079MASSACHUSETTS AT E 17TH STWiltz, Kacey L
2017-09-1902-17-070091U040 AT FOLKS RDMarcinko, David P
2017-09-1902-17-070132CLINTON AT HARTFORD AVECervantez, Anthony E
2017-09-1902-17-070137W 23RD AT U059 HWYGuile, Joshua
2017-09-2002-17-070245W 27TH AT RIDGE CTWeems, Mark
2017-09-2002-17-070247W 11TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STMarcinko, David P
2017-09-2002-17-070248600 6thSloan, Dominique Finis
2017-09-2002-17-070388W 9TH AT LOUISIANA STHicks, Donald B
2017-09-2102-17-070496LOUISIANA AT W 23RD STLister, Dustin M
2017-09-2102-17-070500IOWA (US59) AT UNIVERSITY DRCollado, Amaury Manuel
2017-09-2102-17-070546W 9TH AT MISSOURI STBarta, Jon D