2 months LKPD Accidents

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317 Accidents were reported in Lawrence, Kansas, during the last two months.

If a report has been completed, a hyperlink is provided with the case number. Click on the case number and you will be taken directly to a page where you can download a free report of the accident.

Issued DateCase Numbersort iconLocationReporting Officer
2015-10-3002-15-079998WAKARUSA AT U040 HWYBardwell, Meghan D
2015-10-3002-15-079990K010 AT HASKELL AVEByrn, Michael
2015-10-3002-15-0799832700 IOWANorton, Rustin C
2015-10-3002-15-079981K010 AT HASKELL AVEEmerson, Jamie
2015-10-3002-15-0799773200 IOWARhoads, Justin
2015-10-3002-15-079976U059 AT W 19TH STHorner, Brett C
2015-10-3002-15-079975WAKARUSA AT U040 HWYBardwell, Meghan D
2015-10-3002-15-079973K010 AT RHODE ISLAND STOrrick, Patrick
2015-10-3002-15-0799101300 NEW HANMPSHIREHorner, Brett C
2015-10-3002-15-0798821846 19TH STOrrick, Patrick
2015-10-2902-15-079791601 KASOLD DRDunn, Narissa A
2015-10-2902-15-079777SUMMIT AT E 15TH STKennedy, Kristen N
2015-10-2902-15-079773W 31ST AT U059 HWYKennedy, Kristen N
2015-10-2902-15-079766U059 AT K010 HWYEmerson, Jamie
2015-10-2902-15-079754TENNESSEE AT 12TH STRussell, Tracy A
2015-10-2902-15-079741KASOLD AT CLINTON PKWY CTHalsted, Ryan
2015-10-3002-15-079734E 19TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STStegall, Micah
2015-10-2902-15-07972723RD AT LOUISIANA STRoberts, Matthew C
2015-10-2902-15-07965911TH AT HASKELL AVEBarkley, Eric
2015-10-2902-15-079634W 20TH AT TENNESSEE STStegall, Micah
2015-10-2802-15-0795521000 K010 ERichardson, Skyler
2015-10-2802-15-079506LOUISIANA AT UTAH STRoberts, Matthew C
2015-10-2802-15-079506LOUISIANA AT W 12TH STRoberts, Matthew C
2015-10-2802-15-07949523RD AT LOUISIANA STRoberts, Matthew C
2015-10-2802-15-079455W 9TH AT U059 HWYShanks, Michael
2015-10-2802-15-079452500 U9THWeems, Mark
2015-10-2802-15-079442K010 AT NAISMITH DRRhoads, Justin
2015-10-2802-15-079437JASU AT W 25TH STRoberts, Matthew C
2015-10-2802-15-079419LOUISIANA AT W 21ST STHaller Jr, James L
2015-10-2802-15-079408MASSACHUSETTS ALLEY AT E 8TH STWeems, Mark
2015-10-2702-15-079347U59 S AT W 27TH STKerby, Peter Edward
2015-10-2702-15-079338K10 AT LAWRENCE AVEKerby, Peter Edward
2015-10-2702-15-0793342ND AT NORTH STWelch, Adam C
2015-10-2702-15-079332CLINTON AT KASOLD DRSchneider, Brett A
2015-10-2702-15-079328U059 AT HARVARD RDRodgers, Kenneth L
2015-10-2702-15-079324U040 AT ROCKLEDGE RDFroese, Timothy
2015-10-2702-15-079322K010 AT O'CONNELL RDHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-10-2702-15-079319K010 AT MASSACHUSETTS STBaker, George
2015-10-2702-15-079318TENNESSEE AT 17TH STBialek, John J
2015-10-2702-15-079316N 2ND AT LYON STMaack, Eric
2015-10-2702-15-079314TENNESSEE AT 17TH STFroese, Timothy
2015-10-2702-15-079308K010 AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STBialek, John J
2015-10-2702-15-079307K010 AT LOUISIANA STHalsted, Ryan
2015-10-2702-15-079303MASSACHUSETTS AT W 14TH STHaller Jr, James L
2015-10-2702-15-079294MASSACHUSETTS AT E 19TH STBialek, John J
2015-10-2702-15-079292WAKARUSA AT W 18TH STByrn, Michael
2015-10-2702-15-079291MASSACHUSETTS AT K010 HWYHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-10-2702-15-079281CLINTON AT KASOLD DRBaker, George
2015-10-2702-15-079237U040 AT GATEWAY CTHamilton, Larry
2015-10-2702-15-079236W 19TH AT STEWART AVEJohnson, Brad
2015-10-2702-15-07923223RD AT MASSACHUSETTS STSouders, Leo
2015-10-2702-15-079226CLINTON AT ATCHISON AVEByrn, Michael
2015-10-2702-15-079223K010 AT O'CONNELL RDHaller Jr, James L
2015-10-2602-15-079141U040 AT ROCKLEDGE RDNeff, Robert
2015-10-2602-15-079056OUSDAHL AT W 33RD STJohnson, Brad
2015-10-2602-15-079051K010 AT SILICON AVEHaller Jr, James L
2015-10-2602-15-079046PETERSON AT CRESTLINE DRHamilton, Larry
2015-10-2602-15-0790272427 31STSloan, Dominique Finis
2015-10-2502-15-078974K010 AT MASSACHUSETTS STKuzel, Steven C
2015-10-2502-15-0789571310 TENNESEEKuzel, Steven C
2015-10-2502-15-0789372300 23RDKerby, Peter Edward
2015-10-2502-15-0789281000 2NDBarta, Jon D
2015-10-2502-15-078911W 9TH AT VERMONT STWelch, Adam C
2015-10-2502-15-078895MASSACHUSETTS AT W 10TH STBarta, Jon D
2015-10-2402-15-078713W 25TH AT RIDGE CTWeems, Mark
2015-10-2402-15-078699PRINCETON AT LAWRENCE AVEBardwell, Meghan D
2015-10-2402-15-0786961300 U59Wold, Jimmy TC
2015-10-2402-15-0786944900 6thBardwell, Meghan D
2015-10-2402-15-078685CLINTON AT KASOLD DRCorder, L
2015-10-2402-15-078675NEW HAMPSHIRE AT 8TH STBarkley, Eric
2015-10-2402-15-0786682ND AT KENTUCKY STBarkley, Eric
2015-10-2402-15-078639W 6TH AT IOWA STCollado, Amaury Manuel
2015-10-2302-15-0784713201 IOWA STDunn, Narissa A
2015-10-2302-15-078457TENNESSEE AT W 13TH STHorner, Brett C
2015-10-2302-15-078456K010 AT LOUISIANA STEmerson, Jamie
2015-10-2302-15-078454ST. ANDREWS AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYCobb, Michael D
2015-10-2302-15-078449NEW YORK AT 8TH STBarkley, Eric
2015-10-2302-15-07844823RD AT BARKER AVEStegall, Micah
2015-10-2302-15-078444K010 AT BARKER AVEOrrick, Patrick
2015-10-2302-15-078442KASOLD AT U040 HWYBardwell, Meghan D
2015-10-2302-15-078441U040 AT ROCKLEDGE RDShanks, Michael
2015-10-2302-15-078421CONGRESSIONAL AT HARVARD RDBardwell, Meghan D
2015-10-2302-15-078414VERMONT AT KENTUCKY STBarkley, Eric
2015-10-2302-15-07837430TH AT CRESTLINE DRSpurling, Kresten
2015-10-2302-15-078372MONTEREY AT 11TH STREET PLShanks, Michael
2015-10-2302-15-078370E 7TH AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STFry, Brad O.
2015-10-2302-15-078359CLINTON AT LAWRENCE AVESpurling, Kresten
2015-10-2302-15-078301E 19TH AT BARKER AVEKemppainen, Dean M
2015-10-2302-15-078285HARVARD AT PARKVIEW RDRussell, Tracy A
2015-10-2202-15-07821219TH AT VERMONT STNichols, Richard D
2015-10-2202-15-0782082600 2NDDunn, Narissa A
2015-10-2202-15-078204MASSACHUSETTS AT W 19TH STRobinson, Ryan C
2015-10-2202-15-078202935 23RDGuile, Joshua
2015-10-2202-15-078188PRIVATE PROPERTY AT 2320 BARKER AVEHorner, Brett C
2015-10-2202-15-0781711424 ELMWOOD STRoberts, Matthew C
2015-10-2202-15-078155KENTUCKY AT 9TH STTubbs, Charles
2015-10-2202-15-078085KASOLD AT CLINTON PKWYCorder, L
2015-10-2102-15-078005U059 AT W 9TH STSloan, Dominique Finis
2015-10-2102-15-077987K010 AT LOUISIANA STKuzel, Steven C
2015-10-2102-15-077926U059 AT 9TH STFroese, Timothy
2015-10-2102-15-077924U24 AT LYON STRoberts, Matthew C
2015-10-2102-15-077892NIEDER AT W 31ST STEmerson, Jamie
2015-10-2102-15-0778842ND AT LINCOLN STHorner, Brett C
2015-10-2102-15-077852KENTUCKY AT W 11TH STFry, Brad O.
2015-10-2102-15-077851LOUISIANA AT K010 HWYRhoads, Justin
2015-10-2102-15-077850W 19TH AT NAISMITH DRHeafey, Robert T
2015-10-2002-15-077788WAKARUSA AT HARVARD RDNeff, Robert
2015-10-2002-15-077767VERMONT AT W 13TH STGillum, Myra R
2015-10-2002-15-077755W 19TH AT NAISMITH DRPien, John D
2015-10-2002-15-077748KASOLD AT CLINTON PKWYBaker, George
2015-10-2002-15-077747KENTUCKY AT W 10TH STWalter, Reid Scott
2015-10-2002-15-0777361015 23RDMcClelland, Frank V
2015-10-2002-15-077731U040 AT LAWRENCE AVEHamilton, Larry
2015-10-2002-15-077727WAKARUSA AT OVERLAND DRSouders, Leo
2015-10-2002-15-077665TENNESSEE AT W 14TH STKerby, Peter Edward
2015-10-2002-15-077652W 9TH AT KENTUCKY STHaller Jr, James L
2015-10-1902-15-077512NAISMITH AT K010 HWYKuzel, Steven C
2015-10-1902-15-077511EMERY AT 9TH STBialek, John J
2015-10-1902-15-077503U040 AT GATEWAY DRBialek, John J
2015-10-1902-15-077491LOUISIANA AT GREEVER TERMaack, Eric
2015-10-1902-15-077490TENNESSEE AT W 11TH STWech, Chris
2015-10-1902-15-077485K010 AT TENNESSEE STHaller Jr, James L
2015-10-1902-15-077468BOB BILLINGS AT QUAIL POINT TERMcNemee, Matthew
2015-10-1902-15-0774433100 OUSDAHL RDHaller Jr, James L
2015-10-1902-15-07743114TH AT TENNESSEE STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-10-1202-15-0774084700 OVERLAND DRLindsay, Larry
2015-10-1902-15-077380U040 AT K010 HWYSouders, Leo
2015-10-1902-15-07737023RD AT HASKELL AVEPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2015-10-1802-15-077273PARKING LOT AT EMERY RDHamilton, Larry
2015-10-1802-15-077266MASSACHUSETTS AT 8TH STRussell, Tracy A
2015-10-1802-15-077250EMERY AT SIGMA NU PLRussell, Tracy A
2015-10-1802-15-0772411904 24TH STMcNemee, Matthew
2015-10-1802-15-077207CENTURY AT CRESTLINE DRPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2015-10-1802-15-0772051424 AT APPLEGATE CTPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2015-10-1702-15-077132LAWRENCE AT TOMAHAWK DRSmith, Derrick Andrew
2015-10-1702-15-0770523000 6thSouders, Leo
2015-10-1702-15-077014K010 AT OHIO STWelch, Adam C
2015-10-1702-15-076995W 25TH AT OUSDAHL RDHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-10-1702-15-076990W 9TH AT OHIO STSouders, Leo
2015-10-1702-15-076973KENTUCKY AT W 12TH STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-10-1702-15-0769538TH AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2015-10-1702-15-076948W 24TH AT INVERNESS DRLeslie, Matthew Gene
2015-10-1702-15-0769453601 CLINTON PKWYStegall, Micah
2015-10-1602-15-076816LAWRENCE AT APPLEGATE CTHicks, Donald B
2015-10-1602-15-076779U059 AT W 31ST STMcNemee, Matthew
2015-10-1602-15-076772E 11TH AT NEW YORK STMcClelland, Frank V
2015-10-1602-15-076732MAINE AT W 4TH STNeff, Robert
2015-10-1602-15-076695E 29TH AT HASKELL AVEHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-10-1602-15-07667611TH AT TENNESSEE TRFYJackson, Tyler J
2015-10-1502-15-076610JENNY WREN AT W 21ST STSchneider, Brett A
2015-10-1502-15-0766062ND AT KS10 WAYRobinson, Ryan C
2015-10-1502-15-076605CLINTON AT KASOLD DRMcNemee, Matthew
2015-10-1502-15-076590PRINCTON AT MCDONALD DRWonderly, Brian M
2015-10-1502-15-076563W 10TH AT MISSISSIPPI STWonderly, Brian M
2015-10-1502-15-076551FENWICK AT 29TH STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2015-10-1502-15-076545711 23RDFroese, Timothy
2015-10-1502-15-07651119TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STNeff, Robert
2015-10-1502-15-07649723RD AT OCONNELL RDMeyer, Timothy A
2015-10-1402-15-076441901 9TH STCasagrande, Vincent
2015-10-1402-15-0764103300 IOWA STShipley, Meagan L
2015-10-1402-15-07639023RD AT HASKELL DRNorton, Rustin C
2015-10-1402-15-076362W 19TH AT OHIO STEgidy, Robert
2015-10-1402-15-076358400 23RDBardwell, Meghan D
2015-10-1402-15-0763564301 PARKING LOT RDKemppainen, Dean M
2015-10-1402-15-076343JOSEPH AT W 7TH STKemppainen, Dean M
2015-10-1402-15-076339K010 AT MASSACHUSETTS STHaig, Nathaniel J
2015-10-1402-15-076302U040 AT MONTEREY WAYSouders, Leo
2015-10-1402-15-0762817TH W AT VERMONT STTubbs, Charles
2015-10-1402-15-076281MAINE AT 10TH STTubbs, Charles
2015-10-1402-15-076236HARPER AT K010 HWYRamsdell, Stephen
2015-10-1402-15-0762353017 6thSouders, Leo
2015-10-1402-15-0762232000 JENNY WRENFry, Brad O.
2015-10-1402-15-076219KASOLD AT HARVARD RDCasagrande, Vincent
2015-10-1302-15-076168WINTERBROOK AT JORDAN LNGardner, Jonathan M
2015-10-1302-15-07611722ND AT OUSDAHL RDBarkley, Eric
2015-10-1302-15-076111U059 AT W 31ST STCorder, L
2015-10-1302-15-0761079TH AT TENNESSEE STBarkley, Eric
2015-10-1302-15-076082CLINTON AT U059 HWYKemppainen, Dean M
2015-10-1302-15-076077700 3RD WTubbs, Charles
2015-10-1302-15-0760692000 23RDCounley, Meagan M
2015-10-1302-15-0760323801 PARKING LOT RDKemppainen, Dean M
2015-10-1202-15-075944CLINTON AT LAWRENCE AVERichardson, Skyler
2015-10-1202-15-075913MASSACHUSETTS AT W 14TH STRichardson, Skyler
2015-10-1202-15-075883BOB BILLINGS AT U059 HWYKemppainen, Dean M
2015-10-1202-15-075877KENTUCKY AT 12TH STTubbs, Charles
2015-10-1202-15-075863UNKNOWN AT UNKNOWNOrrick, Patrick
2015-10-1202-15-0758621400 WESTBRROOKEBardwell, Meghan D
2015-10-1202-15-0758582124 PARKING LOT RDKemppainen, Dean M
2015-10-1202-15-075856U040 AT CONGRESSIONAL DRCobb, Michael D
2015-10-1202-15-075840W 9TH AT VERMONT STGuile, Joshua
2015-10-1202-15-075836TENNESSEE AT W 9TH STGuile, Joshua
2015-10-1102-15-075707MURPHY AT W 24TH STBardwell, Meghan D
2015-10-1102-15-0756991301 23RDGross, Shawn
2015-10-1102-15-075679W 33RD AT U059 HWYBardwell, Meghan D
2015-10-1102-15-075675U040 AT SCHWARZ RDKemppainen, Dean M
2015-10-1102-15-075662ASTER AT MONTEREY WAYRhoden, Amber
2015-10-1102-15-075590N 2ND AT LYON STKennedy, Kristen N
2015-10-1002-15-075550U059 AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYStegall, Micah
2015-10-1002-15-075508U059 AT W 31ST STMcNemee, Matthew
2015-10-1002-15-075447K010 AT OUSDAHL RDMcNemee, Matthew
2015-10-1002-15-075371KASOLD N AT AUGUSTA DRDunn, Narissa Anne
2015-10-0902-15-075245CLINTON AT CRESTLINE DRMcClelland, Frank V
2015-10-0902-15-0752282200 HARPER STEgidy, Robert
2015-10-0902-15-0752273833 GREENWAY DRHicks, Donald B
2015-10-0902-15-075214LOUISIANA AT WEST 20TH STKennedy, Kristen N
2015-10-0902-15-07521323RD AT ANDERSON RDHeafey, Robert T
2015-10-0902-15-075211TENNESSEE AT W 17TH STSchneider, Brett A
2015-10-0902-15-075198U059 AT W 19TH STMcClelland, Frank V
2015-10-0902-15-075191KENTUCKY AT W 11TH STAshley, Daniel A
2015-10-0902-15-075171U059 AT W 19TH STMcNemee, Matthew
2015-10-0902-15-075154400 ALLEYWelch, Adam C
2015-10-0802-15-075002TENNESSEE AT W 17TH STHowell, Matthew R
2015-10-0802-15-074998U040 AT FIRESIDE DRSouders, Leo
2015-10-0802-15-074994OUSDAHL AT W 22ND STMcClelland, Frank V
2015-10-0802-15-0749682ND AT FLORIDA STBialek, John J
2015-10-0802-15-074965CLINTON AT LAWRENCE AVEMcClelland, Frank V
2015-10-0802-15-074963HARVARD AT CRESTLINE DRStewart, Charles
2015-10-0802-15-074957BRIGHTON AT STONE MEADOWS DRSouders, Leo
2015-10-0802-15-074936U040 AT LAWRENCE AVESouders, Leo
2015-10-0802-15-074878E 13TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STSmith, Derrick Andrew
2015-10-0702-15-07482010TH AT TENNESSEE STNichols, Richard D
2015-10-0702-15-074773CLINTON AT INVERNESS DRShipley, Meagan L
2015-10-0702-15-0747721130 INVERNESS DRFroese, Timothy
2015-10-0702-15-074717O'CONNELL AT E 25TH TERStewart, Charles
2015-10-0702-15-074715WAKARUSA AT U040 HWYFroese, Timothy
2015-10-0702-15-074680PARKING LOT AT MICHIGAN STSouders, Leo
2015-10-0702-15-074677HAWTHORN AT CLINTON PKWYFry, Brad O.
2015-10-0702-15-074663WAKARUSA AT CLINTON PKWYHeafey, Robert T
2015-10-0702-15-0746542700 2NDRhoads, Justin
2015-10-0702-15-074646U040 AT GEORGE WILLIAMS DRSouders, Leo
2015-10-0602-15-074590LYON AT N 2ND STGardner, Jonathan M
2015-10-0602-15-074581WAKARUSA AT 18TH STNichols, Richard D
2015-10-0602-15-074577K010 AT BARKER AVEChamberlain, Scott
2015-10-0602-15-074526CLINTON AT LAWRENCE AVERichardson, Skyler
2015-10-0602-15-0745233700 U050Rodgers, Kenneth L
2015-10-0602-15-07451923RD AT HASKELL AVEMills, Sara E
2015-10-0602-15-0744592900 MOCASSINTubbs, Charles
2015-10-0602-15-0744511439 TENNESSEE STOrrick, Patrick
2015-10-0602-15-074400MASSACHUSETTS AT W 17TH STBradford
2015-10-0602-15-074399U059 AT 31ST STEmerson, Jamie
2015-10-0502-15-074319U059 AT W 27TH STCorder, L
2015-10-0502-15-074304WINTERBROOK AT BRUSH CREEK DRBardwell, Meghan D
2015-10-0602-15-074296MASSACHUSETTS AT E 17TH STRoberts, Matthew C
2015-10-0502-15-0742894100 PARKING LOTKemppainen, Dean M
2015-10-0502-15-074274W 25TH AT ALABAMA STCorder, L
2015-10-0502-15-074258DANBURY AT YORKSHIRE DRHorner, Brett C
2015-10-0502-15-0742512704 LOUISIANA STGross, Shawn
2015-10-0502-15-0742403100 PARKING LOT RDKemppainen, Dean M
2015-10-0502-15-074233TENNESSEE AT W 19TH STGross, Shawn
2015-10-0502-15-074230PRIVATE PROPERTY AT K010 HWYEmerson, Jamie
2015-10-0502-15-074215EMERY AT WEST HILLS PKWYHorner, Brett C
2015-10-0402-15-0740741904 24TH STRichardson, Skyler
2015-10-0402-15-074065U040 AT MONTEREY WAYRodgers, Kenneth L
2015-10-0402-15-074062600 WAKARUSA DRRodgers, Kenneth L
2015-10-0402-15-074043W 26TH AT W 27TH STCorder, L
2015-10-0402-15-074008U059 AT W 25TH STEmerson, Jamie
2015-10-0402-15-073990U059 AT W 25TH STCounley, Meagan M
2015-10-0402-15-073985U040 AT U059 HWYRhoden, Amber
2015-10-0402-15-073983W 25TH AT RIDGE CTCounley, Meagan M
2015-10-0402-15-073963PARKING LOT AT 2411 LOUISIANA STOwens, Kyle William
2015-10-0302-15-073903TENNESSEE AT W 19TH STSmith, Derrick Andrew
2015-10-0302-15-073872UNKNOWN AT UNKNOWN RDFroese, Timothy
2015-10-0302-15-073858100 19THFroese, Timothy
2015-10-0302-15-073850RIDGE AT W 26TH STHaller Jr, James L
2015-10-0302-15-073838U059 AT 33RD STFroese, Timothy
2015-10-0302-15-073828TENNESSEE AT W 19TH STMaack, Eric
2015-10-0302-15-073826W 24TH AT RIDGE CTHeafey, Robert T
2015-10-0302-15-0737133800 U024Byrn, Michael
2015-10-0202-15-073674WAKARUSA AT DIVILBISS DRRobinson, Ryan C
2015-10-0202-15-0736491301 24TH STFroese, Timothy
2015-10-0202-15-073645W 23RD AT TENNESSEE STHowell, Matthew R
2015-10-0202-15-073639U059 AT W 9TH STEgidy, Robert
2015-10-0202-15-073638W 23RD AT TENNESSEE STHowell, Matthew R
2015-10-0202-15-073607KASOLD AT HARVARD RDMaack, Eric
2015-10-0202-15-073591K010 AT OHIO STFroese, Timothy
2015-10-0202-15-073586W 8TH AT VERMONT STBaker, George
2015-10-0202-15-073571CLINTON AT KASOLD DRWelch, Adam C
2015-10-0102-15-073369800 9THWonderly, Brian M
2015-10-0102-15-073367BOB BILLINGS AT KASOLD DRWeems, Mark
2015-10-0102-15-0733371711 MASSACHUSETTS STStewart, Charles
2015-10-0102-15-073336W 31ST AT U059 HWYWalter, Reid Scott
2015-10-0102-15-0732783511 CLINTON PLWelch, Adam C
2015-10-0102-15-073261NAISMITH AT W 22ND STHeafey, Robert T
2015-10-0102-15-073253U059 AT W 19TH STHeafey, Robert T
2015-10-0102-15-073219KENTUCKY AT W 9TH STPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2015-09-3002-15-073142W 4TH AT MICHIGAN STHowell, Matthew R
2015-09-3002-15-073101W 6TH AT ELDRIDGE STNorton, Rustin C
2015-09-3002-15-073094K010 AT NAISMITH DRCorder, L
2015-09-3002-15-073085W 17TH AT MISSISSIPPI STHaller Jr, James L
2015-09-3002-15-072977U059 AT W 9TH STNeff, Robert
2015-09-3002-15-072974FOLKS AT OVERLAND DRSouders, Leo
2015-09-3002-15-072957MCDONALD AT ROCKELDGE DRSouders, Leo
2015-09-2902-15-072902W 19TH AT MAINE STMills, Sara E
2015-09-2902-15-0728972727 IOWAKuzel, Steven C
2015-09-2902-15-072875U059 AT K010 HWYCorder, L
2015-09-2902-15-072871U059 AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYBialek, John J
2015-09-2902-15-072863E 23RD AT RHODE ISLAND STWonderly, Brian M
2015-09-2902-15-072862E 23RD AT RHODE ISLAND STWonderly, Brian M
2015-09-2902-15-072849U059 AT W 26TH STCounley, Meagan M
2015-09-2902-15-072823W 9TH AT AVALON RDKemppainen, Dean M
2015-09-2902-15-072810W 19TH AT STEWART AVEEmerson, Jamie
2015-09-2902-15-072801330 PLOTWonderly, Brian M
2015-09-2902-15-072736MISSISSIPPI AT 4TH STNichols, Richard D
2015-09-2902-15-072727TENNESSEE AT W 7TH STIvener, Ron
2015-09-2802-15-072672W 9TH AT AVALON RDWold, Jimmy TC
2015-09-2802-15-072649OVERLAND AT CHAMPION LNRoberts, Matthew C
2015-09-2802-15-072641MCDONALD AT W 2ND STWold, Jimmy TC
2015-09-2802-15-0726352ND AT U59 HWYRoberts, Matthew C
2015-09-2802-15-07262923RD AT TENNESSEE STKemppainen, Dean M
2015-09-2802-15-0726123600 2NDWold, Jimmy TC
2015-09-2802-15-07253223RD AT OCONNELL RAMPGuile, Joshua
2015-09-2702-15-072472ELM AT 5TH STRussell, Tracy A
2015-09-2702-15-072435MILLER AT E 21ST STHorner, Brett C