2 months LKPD Accidents

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289 Accidents were reported in Lawrence, Kansas, during the last two months.

If a report has been completed, a hyperlink is provided with the case number. Click on the case number and you will be taken directly to a page where you can download a free report of the accident.

Issued DateCase Numbersort iconLocationReporting Officer
2014-08-1002-14-079998MASSACHUSETTS AT E 9TH STGillum, Myra R
2014-08-1002-14-079911CLINTON AT IOWA STSloan, Dominique Finis
2014-08-0902-14-079839W 23RD AT OUSDAHL RDDunn, Narissa A
2014-08-0902-14-079814W 9TH AT INDIANA STPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2014-08-0902-14-079736U059 AT W 25TH STWelch, Adam C
2014-08-0902-14-079692MASSACHUSETTS AT W 10TH STSouders, Leo
2014-08-0902-14-079688K010 AT OUSDAHL RDWelch, Adam C
2014-08-0902-14-079685ALDRICH AT KASOLD DRChase, Dustin Lee
2014-08-0902-14-079675INVERNESS AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYRhoden, Amber
2014-08-0902-14-0796693201 IOWA STChase, Dustin Lee
2014-08-0802-14-079548CRESTLINE AT COMPTON SQDurazo, Ashley D
2014-08-0802-14-079524U059 AT W 9TH STPien, John D.
2014-08-0802-14-0794652ND AT LOCUST STCounley, Alissa K
2014-08-0802-14-079385KENTUCKY AT W 10TH STBarta, Jon D
2014-08-0702-14-079169WAKARUSA AT U040 HWYFry, Brad O.
2014-08-0702-14-079168U059 AT W 34TH STBishop, Lindsay B
2014-08-0702-14-07915931ST AT W 31ST STRamsdell, Stephen
2014-08-0702-14-079109NAISMITH AT 21ST STRussell, Tracy A
2014-08-0702-14-079092W 19TH AT TENNESSEE STHamilton, Larry
2014-08-0602-14-078927K010 AT OUSDAHL RDWalter, Reid Scott
2014-08-0602-14-078924W 10TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2014-08-0602-14-078922K010 AT ALABAMA STFry, Brad O.
2014-08-0602-14-078876ALDRICH AT KASOLD STCounley, Alissa K
2014-08-0602-14-078808KENTUCKY AT W 7TH STChase, Dustin Lee
2014-08-0602-14-078779N 2ND AT LYON STChase, Dustin Lee
2014-08-0602-14-078732BOB BILLINGS AT BOB WHITE STMachado, Will P
2014-08-0502-14-078694BOB BILLINGS AT ST. ANDREWS DRHicks, Donald B
2014-08-0502-14-078639951 ARKASAS STCorder, L
2014-08-0502-14-078612U040 AT INDIANA STWalter, Reid Scott
2014-08-0502-14-078610RHODE ISLAND AT E 13TH STWech, Chris
2014-08-0502-14-0786004820 BOB BILLINGS PKCorder, Laurence D
2014-08-0502-14-078599KENTUCKY AT W 14TH STOrrick, Patrick
2014-08-0502-14-078587U059 AT W 29TH STWech, Chris
2014-08-0502-14-078568CLINTON AT HAWTHORN DRHeafey, Robert T
2014-08-0502-14-0785524841 6thWold, Jimmy TC
2014-08-0502-14-078534HARVARD AT HOLIDAY STMiller, James
2014-08-0502-14-078504U059 AT W 31ST STAshley, Daniel A
2014-08-0402-14-078364U059 AT W 9TH STRichardson, Skyler
2014-08-0402-14-078331U040 AT LAWRENCE AVEHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2014-08-0402-14-078278W 19TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STOrrick, Patrick
2014-08-0402-14-078222K010 AT LOUISIANA STGuile, Joshua
2014-07-1002-14-071840K010 AT O'CONNELL RDRodgers, Kenneth L
2014-08-0402-14-071654W 9TH AT TENNESSEE STWech, Chris
2014-08-0402-14-0716532500 BRUSHCREEKKemppainen, Dean M
2014-08-0302-14-07165211 AT TENNESSEE STEgidy, Robert
2014-08-0302-14-071651FLORIDA AT W. 5TH STMachado, Will P
2014-08-0302-14-071650BOB BILLINGS AT CHELSEA PLCorder, L
2014-08-0302-14-071649MASSACHUSETTS AT 6TH STTubbs, Charles
2014-08-0302-14-071648W 31ST AT LAWRENCE AVEHeafey, Robert T
2014-08-0302-14-071647U040 AT WAKARUSA DRShanks, Michael
2014-08-0202-14-071646927 EMERY RDFroese, Timothy
2014-08-0202-14-071645K010 AT OUSDAHL RDBishop, Lindsay B
2014-08-0202-14-071644TENNESSEE AT W 13TH STHalsted, Ryan
2014-08-0202-14-071643PRIVATE PROPERTY ATFogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-08-0102-14-071642W 23RD AT OUSDAHL RDBissey, Bradley F
2014-08-0102-14-07164123RD AT MASSACHUSETS STFogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-08-0102-14-071640K010 AT MASSACHUSETTS STFry, Brad O.
2014-08-0102-14-071639U040 AT WAKARUSA DRRussell, Tracy A
2014-08-0102-14-071638W 19TH AT TENNESSEE STGillum, Myra R
2014-08-0102-14-0716372434 24TH TERChase, Dustin Lee
2014-08-0102-14-071636OUSDAHL AT W 25TH STRamsdell, Stephen
2014-08-0102-14-071635TENNESSEE AT W 19TH STGarcia, Peter
2014-07-3102-14-071634U040 AT K010 HWYHorvath, Meagan M
2014-07-3102-14-071633MASSACHUSETTS AT W 22ND STGarcia, Peter
2014-07-3102-14-0716321735 19TH STMcClelland, Frank V
2014-07-3102-14-071631W 19TH AT U059 HWYRhoden, Amber
2014-07-3102-14-071630K010 AT MASSACHUSETTS STSouders, Leo
2014-07-3102-14-0716291832 MASSACHUSETTS STBaker, George
2014-07-3102-14-071628LOUISIANA AT W 29TH TERHaller Jr, James L
2014-07-3002-14-071627700 7TH STOwens, Kyle William
2014-07-3002-14-071626OUSDAHL AT W 21ST TERFry, Brad O.
2014-07-3002-14-0716253800 GREENWAY CIRBaker, George
2014-07-3002-14-071624WEDGEWOOD AT E 15TH STHaller Jr, James L
2014-07-3002-14-071623PRIVATE PROPERTY AT W 24TH STStegall, Micah
2014-07-3002-14-0716228TH AT W 8TH RAMPBarta, Jon D
2014-07-2902-14-071621LAKE AT N 6TH STHicks, Donald B
2014-07-2902-14-071620BOB BILLINGS AT KASOLD DRHeafey, Robert T
2014-07-2902-14-0716192108 27TH STRhoads, Justin
2014-07-2902-14-071618VERMONT AT W 14TH STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2014-07-2902-14-071617U059 AT W 24TH STRhoads, Justin
2014-07-2902-14-071616U040 AT BLUFFS DRShanks, Michael
2014-07-2802-14-071615ATCHISON AT CLINTON PKWYHeafey, Robert T
2014-07-2802-14-071614U040 AT FOLKS RDNichols, Richard D
2014-07-2802-14-071613W 20TH AT OUSDAHL RDHeafey, Robert T
2014-07-2802-14-071612SANDPIPER AT RIVERRIDGE RDWold, Jimmy TC
2014-07-2802-14-071611W 25TH AT MELROSE LNMiller, James
2014-07-2802-14-071610U040 AT LAWRENCE AVEMiller, James
2014-07-2802-14-0716091100 2NDWech, Chris
2014-07-2802-14-071608E 15TH AT PROSPECT AVEChamberlain, Scott
2014-07-2702-14-071607W 27TH AT REDBUD LNShipley, Meagan L
2014-07-2702-14-071606UNIVERSITY AT U059 HWYMachado, Will P
2014-07-2702-14-071605N 7TH AT LYON STOwens, Kyle William
2014-07-2702-14-071604W 11TH AT TENNESSEE STHicks, Donald B
2014-07-2702-14-07160323RD AT RHODE ISLAND STRodgers, Kenneth L
2014-07-2702-14-071602MASSACHUSETTS AT E 10TH STWech, Chris
2014-07-2702-14-071601KENTUCKY AT W 12TH STOrrick, Patrick
2014-07-2602-14-071600NEW HAMPSHIRE AT E 17TH STRobinson, Ryan C
2014-07-2602-14-071599711 NEW HAMPSIREBissey, Bradley F
2014-07-2602-14-071598U059 AT W 27TH STBialek, John J
2014-07-2602-14-071597PENNSYLVANIA AT FORREST AVEGarcia, Peter
2014-07-2602-14-071596K010 AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STGillum, Myra R
2014-07-2602-14-071595KENTUCKY AT W 8TH STHalsted, Ryan
2014-07-2602-14-071594U059 AT W 21ST STWelch, Adam C
2014-07-2602-14-071593OXFORD AT OXFORD CIRFry, Brad O.
2014-07-2602-14-071592E 15TH AT DELAWARE STMills, Sara E
2014-07-2502-14-071591E 23RD AT HARPER STFogarty, Gwyn Marie
2014-07-2502-14-071590W 27TH AT U059 HWYRamsdell, Stephen
2014-07-2502-14-071589TENNESSEE AT W 7TH STHalsted, Ryan
2014-07-2502-14-071588W 29TH AT U059 FWYSouders, Leo
2014-07-2502-14-071587U059 AT W 33RD STGillum, Myra R
2014-07-2502-14-071586BARKER AT E 19TH STHalsted, Ryan
2014-07-2402-14-0715853100 U059 SDunn, Narissa A
2014-07-2402-14-071584VERMONT AT W 9TH STHaig, Nathaniel J
2014-07-2402-14-071583KASOLD AT W 25TH STRamsdell, Stephen
2014-07-2402-14-0715822200 BLOCK ALABAMA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (2C1)
2014-07-2402-14-071581U040 AT KASOLD DRHamilton, Larry
2014-07-2402-14-071580AVALON AT W 9TH STBishop, Lindsay B
2014-07-2402-14-071579U040 AT SCHWARZ RDRussell, Tracy A
2014-07-2402-14-071578KENTUCKY AT W 12TH STSouders, Leo
2014-07-2302-14-0715772328 RIDGE CTHorvath, Meagan M
2014-07-2302-14-071576TENNESSEE AT W 8TH STBissey, Bradley F
2014-07-2302-14-071575KASOLD AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYRamsdell, Stephen
2014-07-2302-14-071574CLINTON AT U059 HWYHorvath, Meagan M
2014-07-2302-14-071573W 9TH AT EMERY RDBishop, Lindsay B
2014-07-2302-14-0715723100 U59Wold, Jimmy TC
2014-07-2302-14-071571BOB BILLINGS AT KASOLD DRShanks, Michael
2014-07-2302-14-071570W 23RD AT OUSDAHL RDWold, Jimmy TC
2014-07-2202-14-071569WAKARUSA AT DIVILBISS PLHaak, Terry
2014-07-2202-14-071568LOUISIANA AT W 23RD STGardner, Jonathan M
2014-07-2202-14-0715671700 MASSACHUSETTS STRodgers, Kenneth L
2014-07-2202-14-071566KASOLD AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYOwens, Kyle William
2014-07-2202-14-071565E 19TH AT LEARNARD STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2014-07-2202-14-071564550 CONGRESSIONAL DRWold, Jimmy TC
2014-07-2202-14-071563K010 AT LOUISIANA STRodgers, Kenneth L
2014-07-2202-14-071562ELM AT N 7TH STOrrick, Patrick
2014-07-2202-14-071561CLINTON AT U059 HWYMcNemee, Matthew
2014-07-2102-14-071560700 RHODE ISLAND STHoltzman, Jeffery B.
2014-07-2102-14-071559LAWRENCE AT KASOLD DRMiller, James
2014-07-2102-14-071558CALIFORNIA AT 4TH STShanks, Michael
2014-07-2102-14-071557E 10TH AT CONNECTICUT STGuile, Joshua
2014-07-2102-14-0715564TH W AT INDIANA STTubbs, Charles
2014-07-2102-14-071555GEORGE WILLIAMS AT HARVARD RDWold, Jimmy TC
2014-07-2102-14-071554W 22ND AT ALABAMA STWeidl, Matthew R
2014-07-2102-14-071553W 11TH AT KENTUCKY STWeems, Mark
2014-07-2002-14-071552800 11THOwens, Kyle William
2014-07-2002-14-071551W 7TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STWalter, Reid Scott
2014-07-2002-14-071550CLINTON AT U059 HWYWeidl, Matthew R
2014-07-2002-14-0715491040 MASSACHUSETTS STFennelly, Andrew
2014-07-1902-14-0715482020 23RDWelch, Adam C
2014-07-1902-14-071547W 31ST AT HARRISON PLChase, Dustin Lee
2014-07-1902-14-071546SURREY AT 25TH TERRussell, Tracy A
2014-07-1902-14-071545U040 AT WISCONSIN STBialek, John J
2014-07-1902-14-071544BELLE CREST AT BELLE HAVEN DRWelch, Adam C
2014-07-1902-14-07154323RD AT OUSDAHL RDWelch, Adam C
2014-07-1902-14-0715423500 2NDHamilton, Larry
2014-07-1902-14-071541W 11TH ATPadilla, Ryan Matthew
2014-07-1802-14-071540OUSDAHL AT W 19TH TERCollado, Amaury Manuel
2014-07-1802-14-071539U040 AT LAWRENCE AVEFroese, Timothy
2014-07-1802-14-071538CLINTON AT CRESTLINE DRGuile, Joshua
2014-07-1802-14-071537U040 AT U059 HWYBarta, Jon D
2014-07-1802-14-0715362ND AT WISCONSIN STBishop, Lindsay B
2014-07-1802-14-071535MONTEREY AT W 10TH CIRHamilton, Larry
2014-07-1802-14-071534HASKELL AT E 19TH STAshley, Daniel A
2014-07-1802-14-071533BOB BILLINGS AT U59 HWYWold, Jimmy TC
2014-07-1802-14-071532KENTUCKY AT W 9TH STBarta, Jon D
2014-07-1802-14-071531K010 AT LOUISIANA STGarcia, Peter
2014-07-1802-14-071530WAKARUSA AT CLINTON PKWYAshley, Daniel A
2014-07-1702-14-0715291700 ALLEYSmith, Derrick Andrew
2014-07-1702-14-071528U059 AT U040 HWYRichardson, Skyler
2014-07-1702-14-0715271548 23RDMcClelland, Frank V
2014-07-1702-14-0715264700 OVERLAND DRBishop, Lindsay B
2014-07-1602-14-071525W 9TH AT MISSOURI STFry, Brad O.
2014-07-1602-14-071524W 19TH AT ARKANSAS STGillum, Myra R
2014-07-1602-14-07152311TH E AT NEW HAMPSHIRE STTubbs, Charles
2014-07-1602-14-071522RIDGE AT W 26TH STStegall, Micah
2014-07-1602-14-071521HARPER AT E 19TH STGillum, Myra R
2014-07-1602-14-071520LOUISIANA AT 27TH STShanks, Michael
2014-07-1502-14-071519KASOLD AT U040 HWYOrrick, Patrick
2014-07-1502-14-071518CLINTON AT CRESTLINE DREmerson, Jamie
2014-07-1502-14-071517W 19TH AT NAISMITH DRShambaugh, Tina
2014-07-1502-14-071516PRIVATE PROPERTY AT 31ST STMcNemee, Matthew
2014-07-1502-14-071515MICHIGAN AT 8TH STRichard Nichols
2014-07-1502-14-071515MICHIGAN AT 8TH STTubbs, Charles
2014-07-1502-14-071514K010 AT LOUISIANA STAshley, Daniel A
2014-07-1402-14-071513EDGEWOOD AT E 16TH STShipley, Meagan L
2014-07-1402-14-071512700 K10 EKerby, Peter Edward
2014-07-1402-14-071511800 BLOCK MICHIGAN ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1D6)
2014-07-1402-14-071510U059 AT W 19TH STMcNemee, Matthew
2014-07-1402-14-0715091301 24TH STMcNemee, Matthew
2014-07-1402-14-0715083100 OUSDAHL RDMcNemee, Matthew
2014-07-1402-14-071507WRIGLEY AT RIVERRIDGE RDWold, Jimmy TC
2014-07-1402-14-071506BOB BILLINGS AT INVERNESS DROrrick, Patrick
2014-07-1402-14-071505PENNSYLVANIA AT E 8TH STStegall, Micah
2014-07-1202-14-071504PRIVATE PROPERTY AT CROSSGATE DREmerson, Jamie
2014-07-1302-14-0715032200 BLOCK E 23RD ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1C5)
2014-07-1302-14-071502HARPER AT E 28TH STAshley, Daniel A
2014-07-1302-14-071501W 27TH AT RIDGE CTHeafey, Robert T
2014-07-1302-14-0715003323 IOWA STMcNemee, Matthew
2014-07-1302-14-0714992600 6THByrn, Michael
2014-07-1102-14-07149831ST AT W 31ST STSimon, Nicholas C
2014-07-1202-14-071497U040 AT GEORGE WILLIAMS WAYMachado, Will P
2014-07-1202-14-071496OUSDAHL AT W 23RD STMcNemee, Matthew
2014-07-1202-14-071495PETERSON AT YORKSHIRE DRWold, Jimmy TC
2014-07-1202-14-071494KENTUCKY AT W 16TH STStegall, Micah
2014-07-1202-14-071493K010 AT U059 HWYGuile, Joshua
2014-07-1202-14-071492U040 AT ELDRIDGE STCasagrande, Vincent
2014-07-1102-14-071491E 11TH AT HASKELL AVECobb, Michael D
2014-07-1102-14-071490HASKELL AT K010 HWYLeslie, Matthew Gene
2014-07-1102-14-071489E 21ST AT MAPLE AVERodgers, Kenneth L
2014-07-1102-14-071488WAKARUSA AT BOB BILLINGS PKWYMiller, James
2014-07-1102-14-071487CLINTON AT CRESTLINE DRGuile, Joshua
2014-07-1102-14-071486K010 AT HASKELL AVEAshley, Daniel A
2014-07-1102-14-071485U059 AT W 27TH STHeafey, Robert T
2014-07-1102-14-071484E 24TH AT PONDEROSA DRWeidl, Matthew R
2014-07-1002-14-071483927 NEW HAMPSHIRE STIvener, Ron
2014-07-1002-14-071482VERMONT AT U059 HWYHeafey, Robert T
2014-07-1002-14-071481INDIANA AT W 9TH STHeafey, Robert T
2014-07-1002-14-0714802300 BLOCK O'CONNELL RD, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1C4)
2014-07-1002-14-0714792819 STONE BARN TERNichols, Richard D
2014-07-1002-14-0714782600 BLOCK IOWA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B2)
2014-07-1002-14-071477WAKARUSA AT HARVARD RDWold, Jimmy TC
2014-07-1002-14-071476CLINTON AT CRESTLINE DRRiggs, Shannon
2014-07-1002-14-071475W 9TH AT MAINE STRhoads, Amy
2014-07-0902-14-071474W. 9TH AT SUNSET DRMachado, Will P
2014-07-0902-14-0714733300 IOWAGuile, Joshua
2014-07-0902-14-071472BOB BILLINGS AT ST. ANDREWS DRRhoads, Justin
2014-07-0902-14-071471U059 AT W 24TH STHeafey, Robert T
2014-07-0902-14-071470HARVARD AT WAKARUSA DRGuile, Joshua
2014-07-0902-14-071469K010 AT HASKELL AVECorder, L
2014-07-0902-14-071468U040 AT GATEWAY CTFry, Brad O.
2014-07-0902-14-0714672400 BRUSHCREEK NDunn, Narissa A
2014-07-0802-14-071466ROCKLEDGE AT U040 HWYBishop, Lindsay B
2014-07-0802-14-071465W 19TH AT ARKANSAS STKennedy, Kristen N
2014-07-0802-14-071464W 17TH AT KENTUCKY STFry, Brad O.
2014-07-0802-14-071463IOWA (FRONTAGE) AT U059 HWYRamsdell, Stephen
2014-07-0802-14-071462K010 AT LOUISIANA STGarcia, Peter
2014-07-0802-14-071461W 19TH AT STEWART AVERamsdell, Stephen
2014-07-0802-14-071460LYON AT N 4TH STNeff, Robert
2014-07-0802-14-071459LINDENWOOD AT WEDGEWOOD DRBaker, George
2014-07-0802-14-071458TENNESSEE AT W 11TH STHalsted, Ryan
2014-07-0802-14-0714572511 31ST STRamsdell, Stephen
2014-07-0802-14-071456OUSDAHL AT 31ST STRhoden, Amber
2014-07-0802-14-071455CLINTON AT CRESTLINE DRChase, Dustin Lee
2014-07-0802-14-071454TENNESSEE AT W 12TH STOsborne, S
2014-07-0702-14-071453U040 AT MONTEREY WAYMaack, Eric
2014-07-0702-14-071452E 6TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STHaig, Nathaniel J
2014-07-0702-14-071451U059 AT W 21ST STPien, John D
2014-07-0702-14-071450BOB BILLINGS AT U059 HWYRamsdell, Stephen
2014-07-0702-14-071449W 11TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STNeff, Robert
2014-07-0702-14-071448E 8TH AT MASSACHUSETTS STHalsted, Ryan
2014-07-0702-14-071447U059 AT W 31ST STRamsdell, Stephen
2014-07-0702-14-071446800 8TH STHalsted, Ryan
2014-07-0602-14-071445U040 AT ARIZONA STMaack, Eric
2014-07-0602-14-071444721 PARKING LOTKemppainen, Dean M
2014-07-0602-14-071443NORTH AT U040 HWYHalsted, Ryan
2014-07-0602-14-0714426TH ATBishop, Lindsay B
2014-07-0602-14-071441W 9TH AT U059 HWYHamilton, Larry
2014-07-0602-14-0714404000 BLOCK W 6TH ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1D4)
2014-07-0602-14-071439REDBUD AT W 26TH STOwens, Kyle William
2014-07-0502-14-071438WISCONSIN AT 4TH STStites, Sheri K
2014-07-0502-14-0714371000 11TH STBarkley, Eric
2014-07-0502-14-0714362700 BLUSTEMKerby, Peter Edward
2014-07-0502-14-071435W 24TH AT W 25TH STRobinson, Ryan C
2014-07-0402-14-071434400 U059Egidy, Robert
2014-07-0402-14-0714331700 MASSACHUSETTS STGuile, Joshua
2014-07-0402-14-071432W 12TH AT INDIANA STSchneider, Brett A
2014-07-0302-14-0714311100 BLOCK N 3RD ST, LAWRENCE2X11
2014-07-0302-14-071430800 BLOCK MICHIGAN ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1A4)
2014-07-0302-14-0714292300 BLOCK HAVERSHAM DR, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1A4)
2014-07-0302-14-071428800 BLOCK N 7TH ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1D2)
2014-07-0302-14-0714272400 BLOCK IOWA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B8)
2014-07-0302-14-071426500 BLOCK TENNESSEE ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1D1)
2014-07-0302-14-071425500 BLOCK MASSACHUSETTS ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1X5)
2014-07-0302-14-0714242400 BLOCK IOWA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B3)
2014-07-0302-14-0714233500 BLOCK CLINTON PKW, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B1)
2014-07-0302-14-0714223300 BLOCK IOWA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1B8)
2014-07-0302-14-071421500 BLOCK IOWA ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1A1)
2014-07-0302-14-0714201100 BLOCK TENNESSEE ST, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1D2)
2014-07-0302-14-0714191400 BLOCK COVENTRY MNR, LAWRENCENot Yet Available (1A1)