14 days - Municipal Court LKPD Citations - Mapped

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727 citations written by LKPD officers were entered into Municipal Court during the last two weeks.

This is a snapshot of the last two weeks of Lawrence Kansas Police Department written citations. Each blue pin point represents a location where the officer issued the citations. The number on the pin point is the number of times a citation was issued in that general area. Click on a pin point and a listing of the citations will be displayed.

The Lawrence Police Department issues numerous citations and notices to appear for arrests every day. Those created electronically are added to the Municipal Court database within several days. When hand written they are added within the week. This list is regenerated daily.

The information for this map comes directly from Municipal Court's system and is updated daily.

If you have citation that you would like to take care of, please contact the Municipal Court at (785) 832-6190. 

Municipal Court

A listing of the mapped citations can be found here.